Homonyms Part 3 - Word that often confuse Students

Read these homonyms and prepare them -

Cattle - Domestic or farm animal

She bought a pair of cows from cattle fair.

Kettle - A tea pot

Ram poured milk from kettle.

Cast - Noun - People who act in film or drama, Verb - to fling

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Salman Khan is the star caste in this movie.

Caste - Traditional division of Hindu society into hereditary classes

India is affected with a deep rooted caste system.

Cease - Stop, Discontinue

Illegal human smuggling must be ceased immediately.

Seize - Grasp, catch, hold tightly

Seize the chance when you have it.

Siege - Being surrounded by enemy

The land was under siege for three months.

Chord - A string of musical instrument; also used as synonyms to cord

A few of the chords of this guitar are loose.

Cord - String, a thin rope

Kinjal bought four meters of cord to hang her frock.

Corpse - Dead body

Mortuaries are full of unidentified deaths.

Corps - Company or body or troops

The Muslim corpse has been shifted from this place.

Costume - Dress

The girl was wearing a costly costume.

Custom - Tradition

People have to follow their old customs.

Currant - Dry grapes

Currant and almond is her favourite food.

Current - Adverb - recent, present, Noun - Flow

They are aware of the current development.

Electric current gave Ravi a shock.

Deference - Respect

Jannat spoke in due deference to Ram's patron.

Difference - Dissimilarity

There is no difference in their opinion.

Dye - Color, Coloring

She often dyes his hair.

Die - Pass away

Ram's wife died last month.

Empire - Realm, Territory

Kanishka spread his empire to great limit.

Umpire - Referee

Ravi Shastri is a very good umpire.

Gait - pace, manner of walking

He kept moving with a pleasant gait.

Gate - A big entrance

The front gate of this building is close now.

Gaol - Prison

Radha was behind a gaol for assault.

Goal - Objective

She set the goal of high life quite high.

JealousĀ  - envious of other's progress

Don't feel jealous of other's success.

Zealous - Passionate, enthusiastic

Are you really zealous about the IPL ?

To be continued ............

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