Words Often Confuse the Students - Homonyms Practice Set 2

Here we are providing you some important homonyms -

Access - Approach, entry, retrieve

Rudra has got the direct access to Education minister.

May she access some data from your PC ?

Excess - Surplus, superabundance

They should distribute their excess money among the poor.

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Accidental - A chance happening

It was only accidental and not planned.

Occidental - Western

He follows occidental transcendentalism.

Adapt - Adjust, change

Our body soon adapts to the new climate.

Adept - Expert, skillful

He is now an adept painter.

Adopt - Accept, take up

They have adopted a girl from their relations.

Affect - Used mainly as verb: influence, afflict, to pretend

The new employment policy will adversely our career.

Effects - As noun: result, impact, as verb : to cause

This is the effect of separating a child from its mother.

The train was held up unless the repairs could be effected.

Addition - To add or put more

Perks and incentives will be in addition to our salary.

Edition - a particular version or total number of books printed at one time

Purchase the latest edition of Luxmi English Dictionary.

Ail - To be ill

Ram has been ailing for over a month.

Ale - A drink

She is addicted to village ale.

Awl - A small tool for piercing holes

A cobbler uses his awl to mend shoes.

Alter - Change

The President's tour programme was altered on the last moment.

Altar - A place of offering in a church or a temple

Kinjal stood near the alter with closed eyes and folded hands.

Anchor -  to fasten, to fix

Anchor the boat carefully; it is a stormy night.

Encore - A short extra performance at the end of a longer one

Ramesh sang a parody as an encore an audience's demand.

Antic - Strange, odd

Her antic behaviour surprised everyone.

Antique - Old fashioned; ancient

The architect has some antique taste.

Apposite - Appropriate, relevant

She raised an apposite and pertinent objection in the meeting.

Opposite - Contrary to, on the other side

His shop is opposite to the Bank.

Ark - a covered floating vessel

The Bible says that Noah built an ark.

Arc - Curve, part of circle

The beautiful rainbow looks like an arc.

Arch - Superior, deadly, also used as same meaning to arc

She often tends to raise his voice rather arch.

We are arch enemies on the sports field.

Bail - Surety, guarantee

The accused is released on Rs. 100,000 bail.

Bale - A bundle of goods

Three bails of books were dispatched yesterday.

Bare - Naked, uncovered

Avoid moving bare headed and bare footed.

Bear - Verb - to carry, to endure/ tolerate

Why should other people bear her burden for her ?

Beer - a kind of wine

She often takes a glass of beer before lunch.

Cabal - A secret group

Our cabal will have a meeting tomorrow.

Cable - A strong thick rope of wires

She buys 30m of cable.

Canvas - A kind of thick and rough cloth

She covered the bag with a canvas.

Canvass - To plead for votes

The leaders are busy in canvassing for their party.

To be continued.......

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