Difference Between Paronyms and Homonyms/Homophones

Students get confused quite frequently over the use of Paronyms and Homonyms. But when you read the definitions of these two terms, everything shall be crystal clear to you. So first of all check the definitions of Paronyms & Homonyms before we provide you the related words.

Paronyms – The words which are different in meaning or use but are similar in form or derivations are called Paronyms.

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Homonyms – The words which are similar in their sounds/ Pronunciation but different in meaning. They are also called Homophones.

Some of the examples of Paronyms and Homophones are as follows –

Access ( Reach ) – I have an access to the CM.

Accession ( Get the throne ) – His accession to the throne was welcomed by the people.

Excess – ( More than enough ) – Excess of everything is considered wrong.

Accept – ( to receive ) – He accepted the bribe from the farmer and got arrested.

Except – ( Other than ) – Everybody except Ram went to the party.

Expect – ( Hope ) – I expected him to be here.

Allusion – ( Indirect Reference or a hint) – The Old Man and the Sea is full of Biblical Allusions.

Illusion – ( Hallucination, Mirage) – The magician created the magical illusion which mesmerized everybody.

Important Paronyms and Homophones for English Learners

Collision – ( Crash/ Smash) – The deadly collision between to cars claimed 8 lives.

Collusion – ( Conspiracy, Connivance) – There is an apparently collusion between the politicians and bureaucracy for looting the country.

Adopt – ( Receive ) – You should adopt good values in life.

Adapt – ( Conform ) – I have adapted myself to new changes.

Adept – ( Skilled ) – He is adept in classical singing.

Alter – ( Change ) – He is insistent. You can’t alter his decision.

Altar – ( Place of Worship ) – People were offering flowers at the altar.

Ail – ( ill ) – He has gone to America to get his ailment cured.

Ale – ( intoxicating drink ) – He loves to consume ail every now and then.

Affect – ( to influence ) – used as a verb – Hard work will affect your health.

Effect – Result/ Influence – used as a noun – The effect of pollution on humans can clearly be seen now.

Antique – ( Belonging to ancient times ) – Museum is full of antique pieces.

Antic – ( Tricks ) – Antics of the magician were liked by the children.

Alternate – ( Turn-wise, leaving one in between ) – He studies on alternate days not daily.

Alternative – ( Choice ) – There is no alternative but to go there.

Adulteration – ( Impurity ) – Adulteration has become the order of the day.

Adultery – ( Extra marital relationship ) – Adultery is very common these days.

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