Practice Set 2 for Question Tags - Exercise

We are giving you some sentences of whose we have made tags. In questions you will find a simple sentence and in answers you will find the question tags.

Practice set of question tags -

Q. They didn't see you.

Ans- They didn't see you, did they ?

Q. She sang well.

Ans - She sang well, didn't she ?

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Q. You are a student.

Ans - You are a student, aren't you ?

Q. All of us should study.

Ans - All of us should study, should we ?

Q. Let's have a cup of coffee.

Ans - Let's have a cup of tea, shall we ?

Q. It doesn't work well.

Ans - It doesn't work well, does it?

Q. Stop that noise.

Ans - Stop that noise, will you?

Q. They haven't played the cricket match.

Ans. They haven't played the cricket match, have they?

Q. She hadn't meet me before.

Ans - She hadn't meet me before, had she ?

Q. Everyone is not a guest here.

Ans - Everyone is not a guest here, are they ?

Q. He become an engineer.

Ans - He become an engineer, didn't he?

Q. They always work hard.

Ans - They always work hard, don't they ?

Q. We can't live without oxygen.

Ans- We can't live without oxygen, can we ?

Q. She needs urgent treatment.

Ans - She needs urgent treatment, doesn't she ?

Q. Nothing was wasted.

Ans - Nothing was wasted, was it ?

Q. He didn't come yesterday.

Ans - He didn't come yesterday, did she ?

Q. We aren't nervous.

Ans - We aren't nervous, are we ?

Q. She made you clean the windows.

Ans - She made you clean the floor, didn't she?

Q. They have their dinner at 7 p.m.

Ans - They have their dinner at 7 p.m., don't they ?

Q. They won't have a holiday now.

Ans -They won't have holiday now, will they ?

You will find such practice set ( Question Tags ) very soon on this page.

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