Practice Set for Common Errors in the use of Adverbs

We are providing you Practice Set to find Common Errors ( Adverbs ) in the given Sentence. This Practice set total depends on the use of Adverbs-

Q. She comes lately every day.

Ans. She comes late every day.

Q. He has late got married.

Ans. He has lately got married.

Q. Ram really works hardly.

Ans. Ram really works hard.

Q. She was driving so slowly.

Ans. She was driving so slow.

Q. The book that I like mostly is the Shiv Puran.

Ans. The book that I like most is Shiv Puran.

Q. The flower smells sweetly.

Ans. The flower smells sweet.

Q. She seldom or ever visits her parents.

Ans. She seldom or never visits her parents.

Q. The stock consists most of outdated things.

Ans. The stock consists mostly of outdated things.

Q. He will be very obliged to me.

Ans. He will be much obliged to you.

Q. It was very difficult for him to solve.

Ans. It was too difficult for him to solve.

Q. The horn sounds very loudly.

Ans. The horn sounds very loud.

Q. The pot is too hot.

Ans. The pot is very hot.

Q. He often get up early than his wife.

Ans. He often get up earlier than his wife.

Q. Is he coming directly from Delhi ?

Ans. Is he coming direct from Delhi.

Q. He left this city three years before.

Ans. He left this city three years ago.

Q. He is in need of treatment badly.

Ans. He is badly in need of treatment.

Q. He will be back just now.

Ans. He will be back presently.

Q. She made a badly start.

Ans. She made a bad start.

Q. She was enough merciful to leave me.

Ans. She was merciful enough to leave me.

Q. The new book is much interesting.

Ans. The new book is very interesting.

Q. He only refuse to work when he is tired.

Ans He refuse to work only when he is tired.

Q. My sister is somewhat tall for her age.

Ans. My sister is rather tall for her age.

Q. These girls speak English very fluent.

Ans. These girls speak English very fluently.

Q. Wasn’t it bitter cold yesterday ?

Ans. Wasn’t it bitterly cold yesterday.

We shall add some more sentences later.

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