Common Errors related Sentences from Previous Exams

Common Errors is an essential topic in almost all the competitive exams in India. Most of the mistakes committed by students are due to their ignorance of the rules of grammar. A piece of writing by a new English learner

Common Errors Practice Set 3 for SSC, Banking, Railway Exams

There are at least 5 to 10 Questions in English Portion regarding the Spotting of Errors in SSC/Banking/ Railway exams. These Sentences contain errors related with Grammar. Therefore Grammar is the prerequisite for doing this topic called Common Errors. This

Common Errors Practice Set 2 with Solution

The Topic of Common Errors is very important topic of English language from competitive exams’ point of view. We have already provided you much practice of Common Errors for various topics. Now you must check the miscellaneous sentences from all

Common Error Sentences related with Pronouns with Solution

Check some of the sentences which are related with Pronouns. First of all you must know about the Pronoun and its Types. Then read about Reflexive Pronouns from here. These definitions/rules may help you in doing the exercise below. We

Practice Set for Common Errors in the use of Adverbs

We are providing you Practice Set to find Common Errors ( Adverbs ) in the given Sentence. This Practice set total depends on the use of Adverbs- Q. She comes lately every day. Ans. She comes late every day. Q.

Rules of Nouns for Common Errors – Read Practice Sets

Common Errors is the integral part of Competitive English. There are four or five questions of Common Errors in almost all the exams pertaining to Recruitment and Admission. And in common Errors, use of Noun is one of the many

Common Errors in English – Students generally do

This page contains a huge no. of sentences carrying general errors students mostly do. They must focus here in order to avoid them in future. These errors can be corrected with a bit of attention. This effort will certainly improve

Common Errors for Banking, SSC, Railways Exams

These days jobs are being published in abundance. It is also true that there is very tough competition among the participants to grab them. So there is the need to keep updating with the topics ( English Grammar ) that