Common Errors Practice Set 3 for SSC, Banking, Railway Exams

There are at least 5 to 10 Questions in English Portion regarding the Spotting of Errors in SSC/Banking/ Railway exams. These Sentences contain errors related with Grammar. Therefore Grammar is the prerequisite for doing this topic called Common Errors. This topic is also good for English Learners. Do some of the sentences from below – We have also provided solution at the end.

Common Errors Practice Set 3

Read each part of the given sentences below and find out errors if any – Total Sentences – 20

1. His and the ( i)/ other member of the group (ii)/ celebrated themselves ( iii)/ after their final victory (iv).

2. Why did you (i) /not told me (ii) /that the meeting (iii) had been postponed ?(iv).

3. He picked up (i) the books (iii) and put it (iii) on the table (iv).

4. He is intelligent (i) beside (ii) he is hardworking (iii).

5. Economics are (i) being taught (ii) to the students (iii) of all the streams (iv).

Correct the following sentences –

6. She told her mother that she is not feeling well.

7. Peoples of various countries met during the opening ceremony.

8. This road is worse than other road of the city.

9. You can’t escape punishment unless you don’t speak the truth.

10. I don’t know why has he told a lie.

Sentences with Common Errors – Part 3

11. Neither of his friends are sincere in their work.

12. This is one of the interesting story I’ve ever read.

13. The only criteria to judge a person is to observe his behaviour.

14. No sooner had he entered in to the room than the light went off.

15. The captain along with his team have reached the stadium.

16. Haryana has come in to existence 50 years ago.

17. Milk is the most perfect food in itself.

18. Myself is John.

19. She can not do this work itself.

20. I said to him that my brother would come the next week.

Answers – 1. He and the 2. not tell me 3. and put them 4. besides 5. Economics is 6. she was not 7. the sentence is correct 8. any other road 9. unless you speak the truth( unless doesn’t take negative word after it) 10. why he has told … 11. is sincere in his work 12. one of the interesting stories 13. criterion 14. entered the room 15. has reached 16. came in to existence 17. the perfect 18. I am John. 19. herself 20. I told him …

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