Common Errors Practice Set 2 with Solution

The Topic of Common Errors is very important topic of English language from competitive exams’ point of view. We have already provided you much practice of Common Errors for various topics. Now you must check the miscellaneous sentences from all the topics to get the true evaluation of your exam performance. So be ready to undergo one more Practice set.

Practice Set for Common Errors –

1. Two beauties are waiting for you in the garden.

2. The people of Haryana and Punjab are laborious.

3. Sixty metres is a big length.

4. It are we who are helping the poor.

5. Although they approached him for help, but he showed them the doors by insulting them.

6. He is one of those boys who has raised anti-national slogans.

Question Paper for Common Error topic – 2

7. The representatives of the businessmen met PM at the latter’s residence in Delhi.

Q. 8. Neither you are doing your work properly nor not letting anybody doing this.

Q. 9. Hardly he had finished his dinner when the bell rang at the door.

Q. 10. The Principal, along with the teachers, are checking the class performance of the students.

Q. 11. There are rice and curry for lunch today.

Q. 12. He is a great player of Tabla, but when it is required he can also play the violin.

Q. 13. He is the only one of the candidates who were invited for the interview.

Answers – 1. the sentence is correct. Here two beauties means two beautiful women or girls 2. Peoples ( even the word people has plural as peoples when they belong to more than one place) 3.the given sentence is correct

4. It is we 5. Instead of but, use yet 6. who have  7. the PM 8. do instead of doing 9. Hardly had he 10. use is in place of are 11. such pairs generally take singular verbs 12. violin will not any article before it13. who was ( when only is given in such sentences, the singular verb is used).

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