Poor state of Education in Primary Schools in India – Reasons & Solution

Read a Report-cum-opinion on Poor Primary Education in India

It is rightly said,” Solid base is must for solid building.” However, this base is getting weaker with primary school students are getting poor education in India. There is a radical difference in the standard of education between what they provide in Private schools and govt schools. Now the report has come that shows the real picture of sorry state of education at primary level.

The statistics regarding the condition of education are released by the World Bank. Out of the total 12 countries where students of 2nd or 3rd class can’t read a word from their text books, India stands second.

The name of this report is – World Development Report 2018 – Learning to Realize Educations Promises. This report clearly shows how the future is bleak of the youngsters in such countries. Most of the young people of these countries face insecure future and exploited conditions at the working places.

The report further says that such countries can’t progress unless their students get meaningful education at Primary Level. The President of the World Bank Groups, Jim Yong Kim termed this Knowledge crisis as Ethic and Economic Crises.

An Article on Miserable Plight of Elementary Education in India based on World Bank Report

There are many reasons as to why the report included India in the list of 12 such countries. The first and foremost problem is the lack of determination on teachers’ part. They don’t take it as a humanitarian service rather consider it a source of livelihood. Second, most of the teachers are not competent even to teach primary classes.

They have faulty methods of teaching with very poor pronunciation. Students don’t catch them up. The inclusion of such teachers is the outcome of faulty recruitment system in the country. Thirdly, the poor attendance of the students owing to their financial circumstances. Besides, there is poor infrastructure that mars the real teaching and learning.

Such reasons make the difference of learning level between the students in the govt schools and their counterparts in private schools. Whereas the students of private schools get mastery over all subjects – languages, math, science, their poor counterparts struggle to write their own names in their own mother language.

Most of the intellectuals emphasize that there is quick need to overhaul complete system with revolutionary efforts. Zealous teachers are the need of the hours. Besides, there is the need of some serious steps from the govt.

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