How to Improve Education System ? – An Overhaul

Essay / Article on – How to Improve the Falling Standard of Education ?

All of us in India are grumbling against the poor education system. We are crying for quick reforms in the system for bringing the country on the right track. We are talking about morality based education by introducing some scriptures like the Gita in the school curriculum or advocating the education which emulates the western system.

There is much confusion as to what we can do to bring radical changes in the education system which is putrefying and and producing illiterate educated people.

Famous educationists and intellectuals have provided the suggestions from time to time which have proved very beneficial for the system. A large no. of changes have been made since our freedom but they couldn’t do a lot in this direction.

Despite all the efforts, the system is deteriorating and no silver lining is in view. Below are some of the steps we have endeavored to bring that may turn out to be panacea for this deadly disease that has hollowed the whole country. These suggestions are the outcome of our years’ experience in the education field.

Steps for the Improvement of Education System in India

Ban Guides ( Help Books ) –

In most of the schools and colleges guides are prescribed to the students. These help books provide the ready-made material to the teachers and the students and consequently both of them are out and out based on these guides.

These guides certainly encourage the students to cram and as a result dull their minds and thoughts. They don’t have any original idea regarding the topic. They just open the books and find every solution to their problems.

Discourage cramming by making the Examination Quality Oriented not marks oriented –

Marks must have least importance in any education system to evaluate a student. Unfortunately in our society the intelligence of the students is judged by the marks they obtain. As a result there is a mad competition among the students for getting more and more marks. For that they resort to cramming and skip real learning.

How to improve Falling Standard of Education System ?

Focus on Quality not Quantity –

There is the need to curtail the syllabi so that the students must complete it soon and have enough time to digest it. Owing to lengthy syllabus the teachers and the taught are occupied in completing it the whole year. Consequently, there is no other works such as discussion, debates, seminars possible. Even there is no quality touch while making the students complete it.

Don’t commercialize the Education –

Now the Education has become business and in my opinion that’s good. Business brings competition and perfection with it. But too much commercialization of the education is wrong and not for the good health of the country. Don’t make it a business where degrees and diplomas are sold and purchased.

Don’t follow No Detention Policy –

This policy has murdered the education system. Students without any knowledge and in most cases with very poor attendance are promoted to the next classes. As a result, they don’t have the importance of education and respect for the teachers. So both educationally and morally they are down and out.

Keep politics and education apart –

Too much political intervention is fatal for the education system. The work of education must be left on the educationists to a great extent. Only those who have great knowledge of educational affairs must have a say in making education related policies.

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