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An Election Scene

A Report

Election plays a part and parcel in a democratic set up. India is also a democratic country. Here elections are the order of the day. Sometimes there are Panchayat Elections, other times Municipal Elections, still other times Legislative Assembly and Parliamentary Elections. So the people get occupied with them.

Last month I also got the opportunity to visit the polling booth during MC Election in our city. I was accompanying my mother. People of our ward had to cast their votes in a school. Great preparations were made for the election.

However, the real election fever had started only a few days before the election. On the election day also, there was much crowd in the market. It seemed as if all the people had left their routine work to be the part of this great practice. And also it was the holiday.

The voting stated at 8:00 am. The agents of different candidates/parties had taken their seats beneath the tents before the polling stations. They were there to help the voters. They helped them in searching their vote nos. After finding the nos, they would give them printed slips.

At the entrance, there were security guards. They would let the people come in after checking their voter cards. Inside the polling booth, there were Election officers and some workers. One of the officers asked my mother her name.

Then he checked her vote in the list. Another clerk put the mark of indelible ink on her finger. After that she went to the polling area alone. The place was covered so that the others might not see it. Here she pressed the button on the EVM machine against the symbol of the candidate whom she wanted to cast her vote. The machine gave the beep sound. It means she used her vote successfully.

After that we came out. The voting continued till 5:00 in the evening. By 7:00 pm all the results came out. No doubt, the supporters of the winners were happy and those who were in opposition felt like hiding themselves at some unknown place. In all, it was a novel and pleasant experience for me.

By :

Rudra Gupta

10+2 Science

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