How we celebrated Dussehra in our School – A Report

Prepare a short report – How you celebrated Dussehra Festival in your school ? Q.- You are Rudra Gupta, secretary of the Cultural Club of your school. Write a report …… How We Celebrated Dussehra in our School A Report

How We Celebrated Diwali in Our School – A Report

The whole of India is celebrating Diwali this time. So it is obvious that there are Cultural Programs in the schools on the occasion of Diwali. So the teachers may ask the students to write a Report on this celebration.

Annual Prize Distribution Function – A Report

Write a Report on Annual Prize Distribution Function – There are Reports related questions in almost all the School and University Exams. The students have to write a report on the given topics in the given word-limit. Writing a report

My Aim in Life – A Report, An Essay

Read a Report/ an Essay on – My Aim in Life or What I want to be in Life etc. This report is very important for the students of every class. Besides other reports, it is also asked in the

Sports Day Celebration in our school – Short Report

Sports Day Celebration Report for school students The whole of India celebrates National Sports Day on 29th of August. This is the birth anniversary of Hockey wizard Sh Dhayan Chand. This year this celebration is more special as there is

A Report on How you Celebrated Holi Function

Write a short note on / Report on Holi Festival in India Holi is a big festival of colors. All elders, youngsters, children celebrate it with great zeal. They wait for this programme for months. There is no doubt, this

A Report on “Inter-school Cricket Tournament in My School”

Write a short report on Inter-School Cricket Tournament/ Sports Competition that took place in your school. Sign yourself as Rudra/ Kinjal Gupta Note – If there is Sports Competition, you will describe some more games besides cricket. Inter-School Cricket Tournament

A Short Report on Janmasthmi Celebration in Our School

Read a short report on Janmasthmi celebration ( Mahotsav ) in our School – A very good report for the examinations – Some useful links below – Janmasthmi Celebration   A Report Three days ago, our school celebrated Janmasthmi festival in