A Report on A Visit to a Zoo – For 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th students

There are a no of reports on Visits such as Visit to a Hill Station, Visit to a Museum, To a Historical Places, To a Zoo etc. Certainly there is one report in the exam about a visit. So it is necessary for the students to read some of the reports on Visits. In this post, we shall cover a report named “ A Visit to Zoo “.

My Visit to a Zoo

A Report

I and my friends visited a Zoo last week. The zoo was located outside the city. After reaching there, we purchased entry tickets for Rs 20/- each. Having purchased the tickets, we entered it. There were a no of instructions written at the entrance. We had to follow those instructions during our stay at the zoo.

There was the much crowd. There were also a few foreigners. We saw many cages of animals and birds. There was the variety of birds. We saw kites, vultures, peacocks, fouls, ducks etc. In animals, there were lions, hyenas, elephants, giraffe, bears, tigers etc. The main attraction were lions.

People were trying to take photos of these animals and birds. There was also the arrangement of Safari. We decided to enjoy it. They charged Rs 200/- for all of us. We sat in a caged bus. The bus moved from a small patch of jungle in the zoo. There were a no of wild animals roaming here and there.

We were full of excitement. We wanted to take photograph after getting down from the bus. But the bus driver and the zoo official stopped us from doing so. So we had to be contented to take photograph from inside the bus. It took us only 30 minutes in completing that safari. But we enjoyed a first hand experience. Then we returned home happily.

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