A Short Report on Janmasthmi Celebration in Our School

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Janmasthmi Celebration 

 A Report

Janmasthmi Report

Three days ago, our school celebrated Janmasthmi festival in the prayer ground. The Principal was the chief guest. Some students and some teachers decorated the school like a bride. The chief guest took the soffa, the teachers sat on the chairs where as the students from primary to secondary class sat on the floor. The program started with Saraswati vandana and National Anthem.

We celebrated both Teachers’ Day and Janmasthmi together. The students presented beautiful items on the pious occasions. Even some students performed on patriotic song and sang songs Students honoured their teachers and some very young children looked very beautiful in the get up of Krishna and Radha.  The pragram occured in the morning. Some teachers made videos and took photographs of the students and the teachers. The Principal gave gifts to the respected teachers and praised their contribution towards school. Then it was the music time. All the students and some teachers danced on their favourite songs. Some students gave speeches in Hindi and English.

Even the students thanked sweepers and peons for their contribution. The program ended with National Anthem and all the students went to their respective classes. Here students taught other students by becoming their teachers. Some students tried to do mimicry of some of the teachers and some students gave presents to their favourite teachers to honour them. In the end, the students were distributed sweets by the school management and students looked very happy. In that way, we celebrated Janmasthmi and Teachers’ Day in our school.

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Rudra Gupta 

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