Famous National & International Awards, Areas & Date of Origin

A large no of awards are given at national level and international levels for various works in various areas. It is pertinent to know about them in respect of the areas in which people get them and the date when they came in to existence.

Here is the list of some of the very famous National and International Awards along with the fields in which they take place and date of their existence.

Famous International Awards / Establishing Date/ Fields

1. Nobel Prize – The Award came in to existence first in 1901 and with some changed conditions in 1965. This Award is given in the fields of Literature, Medical, Physics, Chemistry, and Peace

2. Pulitzer Award – It was established in 1917 and given in the field of Journalism.

3. Oscar Award – It came in to being in 1929 and given in the field of Film.

4. Kalinga Award – It is related with the field of science and came in to being in 1952.

5. Booker Prize – In 1969 for services in the field of Literature.

6. Grammy Prize – The date of origin is 1958 and given in the filed of Music.

7. Ramon Magsaysay Award – In the areas of govt services, public services, journalism, literature and communication, International Understanding

8. Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize – In the field of Peace and set up in 1995

9. Templeton Award – Related with Religion and and came in to being in 1972

10. Right Livelihood Award – In 1980 and is given in the areas of Environment and Social Justice

National Level Awards ( Awards given in India )

1. Bharat Ratna – The biggest award established in 1954 and given for the best performance in the fields of Arts, Literature, and Science

2. Padma Bhushan Awards – For best services in any of the fields and was established in 1954

3. Dada Saheb Falke Awards – For Films and date of existence is 1969

4. Jnanpith Awards – In the field of Literature ( 1965)

5. Saraswati Sammaan ( Honors ) – Literature and date of being is 1991

6. Vachaspati Awards – For head and shoulder contribution in the field of Sanskrit ( 1992)

7. Shankar Awards – For Indian Philosophy, Culture and Art ( 1992)

8. Vyas Sammaan – Literature ( 1991)

9. Sahitya Akademi Awards – In the field of literature and found its existence in 1955

10. Tansen Sammaan – Classical Music ( 1980)

11. Dhanwantri Awards – In the area of Medical ( 1971)

12. Jamna Bajaj Awards – Creative Social Services ( 1978)

13. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awards – This is the biggest award in the field of sports.It came to existence in  1992

14. Arjun Awards – For giving best performances in sports at the international level ( 1961)

15. Dronacharya Awards – To the best Sports Coaches for their best services ( 1985)

16. Dhayan Chand Awards – For life-time achievements in sports ( 2002)

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