How we Celebrated Teachers’ Day in our School – A Report

A Short report on How did we celebrate Teachers’ Day in our School ? – Write a brief Piece on this matter for school exams, board and non-board exams – Imp Links ahead –

Q. Suppose you are Kinjal from XYZ school, Jind. Write a report on …………….in the capacity of President Cultural Club of your school.

How we Celebrated Teachers’ Day

A Report

On 5th of Sept we celebrated Teachers’ Day in our school. We decorated the school with buntings and flowers. Our Chief Guest was the Sr. teacher of our school and guests were teachers, parents and respected citizens. Our principal provided snacks and coffee to our chief guest and other guests.

Then they were taken to the school auditorium where the function had to take place. The function started with Welcome Song and Saraswati Song.

After they have reached there,  the students presented songs, dances and dramas etc., all dedicated to our respected teachers. Some students emulated their favorite teachers. This activity caused fun among the audience. Everybody was clapping. After that our school Principal honored the Chief Guest with a shawl, trophy and some money.

Our Chief Guest delivered a speech. He told us the contribution of teachers in the development of society. He further said that the relationship between the teachers and students are healthy. The chief guest honored some of the teachers of our school with medals.

While he was doing so, we got up from our seats. Our principal also mentioned the contribution of all teachers in the development of school. Even she sang a song to the amusement of the audience. The program ended with National Anthem.

After the program, there was the lunch for everybody. They all enjoyed the lunch and as was the custom of our school, the chief guest grew a plant in the ground. The others copied him. We can never forget that Teachers’ Day and our teachers.

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