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Q. Suppose you are Kinjal / Rudra of XYZ school. Write a brief report on ………… in the capacity of President of Hindi Club of your school to be published in the school magazines.

Hindi Diwas Celebration in my School

A Report

Last week, we celebrated Hindi Diwas ( Day ) in our school. The chief guest-cum-speaker was Mr. Dinesh who was the lect. in Hindi in some local college and guests were the teachers and our parents. There was the huge gathering in form of students and respected citizens. Some students had participated in the program.

The Program / Celebration included songs, dances and speeches only in Hindi and on Hindi. The chief guest arrived on the scene and burnt the lamp in front of Goddess Saraswati. Then a team of students sang Saraswati Vandana and Welcome Song.

Without any delay, the students presented songs, dances and speeches. Through the speeches, they put emphasis on the value of Hindi. Our Principal also spoke about school, chief guest and Hindi, of course. He/ She advocated the use of Hindi language. She/ He told us to use Hindi in our routine work.

Then the chief guest came on the stage. He was the jovial fellow. But he became sombre when there was the matter of Hindi language. He said in his speech that we should not make formality of this day. Hindi is our mother tongue and it must be the national language. He advocated the use of Hindi everywhere in our work. We must not shy in speaking Hindi.

This language has become the international one, he told us. There are various Hindi forums. Though he told us to respect each and every language we come across, we must not keep ourselves aloof from our mother tongue. He spoke many things regarding Hindi.

His speech/ words in it were quite effective and impressive. We resolved to use and promote Hindi everywhere. After that the function ended with National Anthem and slogan :- Jai Hindi and Hindustan.

By :-

Kinjal/ Rudra


Hindi Club

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