Use of the verb Keep with Examples - Hindi English

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the important use of the verb " Keep ". Besides that see some more interesting uses. Examples are given in both English and Hindi Languages. Very useful for the English Learners ( Speaking and Writing ) . Also useful for the candidates of  various Exams.

Use of the verb " Keep " -

वह हंसती रही।- She kept laughing.

यह किताब पढ़ते रहो।- Keep reading this book.

मेहनत करते रहो।- Keep doing hard work.

सीधे चलते रहो।- Keep walking straight.

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वह हर टाइम सोता रहता है।- He keep sleeping every time.

वे यहाँ आते रहते हैं।  - They keep coming here.

हम उसकी बात सुनते रहे। - We kept listening to him.

हम उसके ओर निहारते रहे। - We kept gazing at her.

क्या तुुम उसका इंतजार करते रहे ? - Did you keep waiting for him?

Important sentence - Use of the verb ' Keep'.

पूरे दिन आंधी चलती रही। - Dust storm kept blowing the whole day.

वह सारी रात जागतो रही। - She kept awaking the whole night.

इसका अभ्यास करते रहो। - Keep practicing it .

बच्चे फिल्म देखते रहे। - Children kept watching movie.

राम चलता गया , चलता गया और चलता गया।  - Ram kept waking , waking and waking.

इसे दोहराते रहो। - Keep revising it.

माँ खाना बनाती रही। - Mother kept cooking food.

क्या रूद्र तुम्हे बहकाता रहा ? - Did Rudra keep misguiding you ?

क्या रूद्र  तुम्हे झूठ बोलता रहा ?- Did Rudra keep lying to you ?

क्या रूद्र तुम्हे धोखा देता रहा ? - Did Rudra keep deceiving you ?

तुम्हारा भाई उबासी लेता रहा। - Your brother kept yawing.

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उसका बेटा सारी रात दर्द से कराहता रहा। - His son kept groaning with pain the all night.

लोग भूख से मरते रहे व सरकार देखती रही।- People kept dying with hunger and the govt. kept watching.

हम सारी रात मौज करते रहे। - We kept enjoying the whole night.

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