Use of Good Handwriting for Board Students ( 10th & 12th )

Handwriting is the decoration for the students. Decoration gives the first impression to the paper checkers and others. Good hand, good impression and vice versa. Good hand writing has more use for the students of 10th and 12th classes. It is sure that the students with the good handwriting always has a big edge. Sometimes good handwriting brings 10 or 15 extra words to the examinees. So we advise every student to focus more on their handwriting before sitting in the board exams.

Improve handwriting

Sometimes average students have average contents. But their good handwriting hide that content and the checkers get attracted by that. They are under the impression that the students are very intelligent. So it is obvious the students have much chance to get more marks. There is also the opposite thing in this regard. Very good students with poor or average handwriting get the adverse effect. They may get lesser marks than expected. But good students with good handwriting enjoys distinctions. Keep it in your mind.

How to improve handwriting ?

There is only one thing to improve the handwriting at this level –

Remove carelessness –

Handwriting becomes worse due to carelessness. The standing example is of the doctors. Nobody except themselves and chemist can read their prescription.

Don’t write with the loose hand. This is called scribble. And this is main reason of poor handwriting. It happens due to distractions. It means when you write, you mind is asleep. Focus on your writing when you write something. There is no need that your words resemble pearls. It is only your natural handwriting that may do some miracle in the board exams.

There is one secret I’d like to share with you that the checkers don’t have much time to read the whole content you have put in the paper owing to much work load. 30/40 papers a day besides formalities to prepare result earlier. So no much time to read content. It is the only place where your handwriting shows some influence. He guesses here. So starts with your main job for March 2019.

You shall be able to get your HBSE Secondary/ Sr Secondary Exam Date sheet from here near the exam. Best of luck.

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