Narration - Practice Set for Exclamatory Sentences with Solution

Learn the Rules for Narration ( Exclamatory Sentences ) from here. When you feel comfortable with the rules, you must practice some of the sentences from the exercise below.

This exercise may help you in judging  your preparation of Direct and Indirect Speech with Exclamatory Sentences. We have also provided the solution at the end of the exercise.

Click here all Rules of Narration

Practice Set for exclamatory sentences -

  1. Kinjal said, " Alas! I've fallen again."
  2. Rudra said," Ah! My cat is dead."
  3. The teacher said, " Nonsense !"
  4. Gunnu said," Hurrah ! I have passed ultimately."
  5. Emma said ," What a beautiful house it is !"
  6. She said, " My God ! You have injured your leg. "
  7. The girl said," Help! Help !"
  8. John said," Oh dear ! I have spoiled your work."
  9. We said to him," Congratulations !"
  10. She said," Ugh ! It's very hot today ."
  11. She said, " How happy I am !"
  12. I said to him," Good bye !"
  13. They said to me," Merry Christmas !"
  14. She said to me," Thanks for your help."
  15. I said to him," Hello ! How are you?"

Check Answers/ Solution for Exclamatory Sentences of Narration

  1. Kinjal exclaimed with sorrow that she had fallen again.
  2. Rudra exclaimed with sorrow that his cat was dead.
  3. The teacher exclaimed that it was nonsense.
  4. Gunnu exclaimed with joy that he had passed ultimately.
  5. Emma exclaimed with wonder that it was a very beautiful house.
  6. She exclaimed with shock that you had injured your leg.
  7. The girls shouted for help.
  8. John exclaimed with sorrow that he had spoiled his/her ( your ) work.
  9. We congratulated him.
  10. She exclaimed with disgust that it was very hot that day.
  11. She exclaimed with joy that she was very happy.
  12. I bade him good bye. or I bade goodbye to him.
  13. They wished me merry Christmas.
  14. She thanked me for my help.
  15. I greeted him and asked how he was.

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