Narration for Competitive Exams - Exclamatory Sentences

Narration is the important part of English Grammar which shows an inevitable presence in all the Recruitment, Board and Entrance Exams. We have already done Narration with Interrogative Sentences and Narration with Imperative Sentences. Now in this article we will do the use of Exclamatory sentences.

Narration for Competitive Exams

Exclamatory sentences are those sentences which contain the sense of joy, sorrow, surprise, anger, contempt, applause, regret etc.

All these sentences contain sign of exclamation ( ! ) at the end of each sentences. There is the presence of the following interjections in the sentence - Hurrah, Alas, O, Oh, Bravo, How, What etc.

First of all check the sample sentence -

The girl said, " Alas ! I have failed again. "

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Now check how the exclamatory sentences are changed -

  • Rule No 1 - Said or said to is changed in to as per the sense contained in the sentence.
  • if Hurrah is given said to is changed in to - Exclaimed with joy
  • Alas - Exclaimed with sorrow
  • What or How - Exclaimed with Surprise or wonder
  • Bravo - applauded + obj + saying that
  • Oh, Ah, Oh Dear - Exclaimed with sorrow
  • ugh - Exclaimed with disgust
  • Good Heavens - Exclaimed with Horror etc.

The girl exclaimed with sorrow

  • Rule 2 - Inverted Commas converted in to that

The girl exclaimed with sorrow that

  • Rule 3 - Interjections like Hurrah, Alas are removed and the rest of the sentence is changed as per Simple Sentence Rule.

The girl exclaimed with sorrow that she had failed again.

Check other sentences as well -

Q - He said ," Hurrah ! I have won the lottery."

A - He exclaimed with joy that he had won the lottery.

Q - She said " How intelligent you are ! "

A -  She exclaimed with wonder that you were very intelligent.

Q - I said ," What a beautiful building it is ! "

A - I exclaimed with wonder that it was a very beautiful building.

In the sentences in which there is the element of surprise of wonder, we must use the adverb very.

Q - The captain said," Bravo ! You have done wonder, my boys."

A - The captain applauded the boys saying that they had done wonder.

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