Rules of Narration – Imperative Sentences

How to change Narration of Imperative Sentences

Rules of Narration

In the last blog we had changed the Reported Speech of Interrogative sentences and Sentences with W-H Interrogatives. Now we will change the Narration of Imperative Sentences.

Imperative sentences are those which contain the sense of Request, Command, etc and always begin with the main verb. The subject ‘You’ is always implied.

Simple Imperative :

I said to him ” Please, go to the market .”

Rule No 1 – The Reporting verb will be changed as per the sense contained in the Reported Speech.

If there is the sense of Request, said to will be changed in to – requested

Order – Said to in to – ordered

If the sense is not clear then said will be changed in to – told or asked etc.

I requested him ….

Rule No 2 – Inverted commas are inverted in to ‘ to ‘.

I Requested him to …

Rule No 3. The rest of the reported speech will come as it is.

I requested him to go to the market.

Negative Imperative :-

I said to him,” Don’t open the door,please.”

Rules are almost same as in the Simple Imperative except ‘not’ is inserted in the negative imperative before ‘to’ while replacing inverted commas.

I requested him not to open the door.

Examples :

  1. She said to me ” Go to the market at once .”
  2. I said to him ,” Open the gate.”
  3. Ram said to Shyam,” Please help me.”
  4. Kinjal said to Rudra,” Don’t waste your time.”
  5. Rudra said to Kinjal,” Don’t take tea at night.”


  1. She ordered me to go to the market at once.
  2. I asked him to open the gate.
  3. Ram requested Shyam not ot waste his time.
  4. Kinjal advised Rudra not to waste his time.
  5. Rudra advised Kinjal not ot take tea at night.

In my next blog, I will come up with new topic of grammar.

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  1. My mother said to me, " DOn't go to the park."
    1) My mother told me not to go tO the Park.
    2) My mother asked me not to go to the park.

    Sir plz tell me which indirect speech is right.

    1. The second one is better.

  2. But answer key of HTET set E question no 61 shows the opposite sir. Is there be any chance of grace?

  3. But answer key of HTET accepts the 1st option . I think asked is also equally acceptable. What do u think sir?

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