Question Tags for Competitive Exams – Important Rules

Question Tags is one of the important topics in English Grammar. The Questions related with it are asked during many exams. It requires a bit of practice to overcome this problem of Question Tags. Here in this article we shall

Rules of Narration for Competitive Exams like SSC,Banking

How to do narration – Learn Simple Rules Assertive Sentences – Rudra said to Kinjal ,” I will bring you a pen.” Direct Narration /Speech Rudra told Kinjal that he would bring her a pen. Indirect Narration / Speech Rule

Rules of Prepositions with Practice Papers for all Exams

English Subject  is an integral Part of all the Recruitment/Competitive Exams whether it is for a Clerk or IAS or for Admission to Diplomas or Degrees. Everywhere English has  good reputation. And in English, Grammar enjoys the same reputation as

Narration for Competitive Exams – Exclamatory Sentences

Narration is the important part of English Grammar which shows an inevitable presence in all the Recruitment, Board and Entrance Exams. We have already done Narration with Interrogative Sentences and Narration with Imperative Sentences. Now in this article we will

Non-Finite Verbs – Learn Rules for Competitive Exams

Having completed Tense, Voice, Narration and other topics, our next target is Non-Finite Verb. This topic is also very important for the upcoming exams by SSC, IBPS and other sectors. Verbs have been divided in to two parts – Finite

Common Errors for Banking, SSC, Railways Exams

These days jobs are being published in abundance. It is also true that there is very tough competition among the participants to grab them. So there is the need to keep updating with the topics ( English Grammar ) that