Narration of Optative Sentences with Examples for SSC CGL, CHSL

Rules of Narration for Optative Sentences with Examples/ Practice Set for Competitive exams like SSC SGL/ CHSL/HSSC, UPSSC etc.

What are Optative Sentences ?

The sentences which express wish or desire or pray are called Optative sentences. These sentences generally begin with May and end with a mark of Exclamation ( ! ). But sometimes we don't find the use of May, but its hidden meaning is always there. For Example -

  • May you live long !
  • May God bless you ! etc.

Rules of changing of Narration with Optative Sentences -

  • Rule 1 - We change Reporting verbs like say / says/ said in to wish/ wishes/ wished or pray/prays/prayed etc as per the meaning in the reported speech.
  • Rule 2 - We replace inverted commas " " by that .
  • Check Rule 3 - In direct speech, the structure is - May + Sub ........! whereas in indirect speech it is Sub + Might .....
  • Rule 4. We replace Mark of Exclamation by Full Stop (.) .

Examples -

She said ," May God bless you !"

She prayed that God might bless you/ me.

The old woman said," May you live long!"

The old woman blessed/prayed that you/I might live long.

Practice Set for Optative Sentences -

  1. Teacher said to me," May you get success in life !"
  2. She said to her neighbour," May you die soon!"
  3. My friend said, " May God help you !"
  4. I said to her," You be happy in your life !"
  5. The subject said," Long live the king !"
  6. The Prime Minister said," Long live our Democracy!"
  7. People said," God save the nation!"
  8. I said," Her soul live in peace !"

Solution -

  1. Teacher wished me that I might get success in life.
  2. She cursed her her enemy that he might die soon.
  3. My friend prayed that God might help me.
  4. I wished her that she might be happy in her life.
  5. The subject prayed that the king might live long.
  6. The Prime Minister wished that their democracy might live long.
  7. People prayed that God might save the nation.
  8. I prayed that her soul might live in peace.

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