Geography of Haryana – Read Details

Haryana is one of the Northern States of India. It got separated from Punjab in 1966. It has the great privilege of having common boundary with Delhi, the capital of India. Since its inception, the state has made a great development in all the sectors.

Haryana has deep history and diverse Geography. Now we are dedicating this page to the Geography of Haryana. Read some most important facts regarding its Geography.

Geography of Haryana –

Q. 1. What is the position of Haryana in Geographical terms ?

Ans – It lies between 27 Degree 29′ and 30 Degree 35′ N latitude and between 74 Degree 28′ to 77 Degree 36′ E Longitude.

Q. 2. What is the total Geographical Area of Haryana ?

Ans – 4.42 m ha

Q. 3. What percentage does Haryana constitute as far as the total area of the country is concerned ?

Ans – 1.4%

Q. 4. What is the Forest Cover in Haryana ?

Ans – 1586 sq km ( as per the Forest Report 2013)

Q. 5. How much does the Forest Area of Haryana constitute in respect to the total Forest Area of the country ?

Ans – 3.59%

Q. 6. What is the tree cover in the state ?

Ans – 1282 sq km which is 2.90% of the Geographical Area of the state.

Q. 7. Where does Yamuna flow?

Ans – It flows along the Eastern Boundary of the state.

Q. 8. Which river is in great news for its resurrection these days ?

Ans – Saraswati River

Q. 9. What is Haryana’s main seasonal river ?

Ans – Ghaggar

Q. 10. Which river disappears after entering Rajasthan ?

Ans – Ghaggar

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Q. 11. What is the ancient name of Markanda River ?

Ans – Aruna

Q. 12. Where does the Markanda originate from ?

Ans – From lower Shivalik hills.

Q. 13. What is the average rainfall in Haryana ?

Ans – 354.5 mm

Q. 14. Name the important trees found in Haryana –

Ans – Pine, Kikar, Shisham, Babul, Mulberry, Eucalyptus

Q. 15. What is the state mammal ?

Ans – Black buck

Q. 16. Name the national parks of Haryana ?

Ans – Sultanpur National Part and Kalesar National Park

Q. 17. Where is Sultanpur National Park situated ?

Ans – Gurgaon

Q. 18. Where is Kalesar National Park located ?

Ans – Chhachhrauli in Yamunanagar

Q. 19. How many wildlife sanctuaries are here in Haryana ?

Ans – Eight

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