GK & Current Affairs Practice Sets for SSC, HSSC Written Exams

General Knowledge is an essential part of any competitive exam in India. This is a wide area. It is well-said – the more you practice, the better it is. WE have already prepared a no of General Knowledge Paper Sets. Here is one more to enhance your general knowledge for the upcoming exams.

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General Knowledge and Current Affairs Question Paper – 4

Q. 1 Which country is the highest producer of Soybean in the world ?

Q. 2. Which country is the largest producer of Mineral Oil in the world ?

Q. 3. Which country is the biggest one in the world ?

Q. 4. Where is the butter-fly sanctuary situated in India ?

Q. 5. Jawahar Sagar Dam is situated in –

Q. 6. What is the biggest Delta of the world ?

Q. 7. Between which two countries Silk Road is situated ?

Q. 8. Which is the closest planet to the Sun ?

Q. 9. Which of the Indian states has the largest population in the country ?

Q. 10. Which state of India has the highest density as far as population is concerned ?

GK Practice Set 1

Haryana GK Practice Sets

Science GK 1

Science GK 2

Q. 11. Which state of India has the largest sex-ratio ?

Q. 12. Which state of the country has the lowest sex-ration ?

Q. 13. Which state has the highest literacy rate in India ?

Q. 14. The state with the lowest literacy rate ?

Q. 15. When did Reserve Bank of India come in to existence ?

Q. 16. When was State Bank of India set up ?

Q. 17. What was the existing year for LIC ?

Q. 18. Who was the first Governor of RBI ?

Q. 19. Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI ?

Q. 20. Which was the first Insurance Company of India ?

Answers – 1. China 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Russia 4. Bannerghatta Biological Park Bangalore 5.  Rajasthan 6. Ganga-Brahmputra River Delta 7.  India and China 8. Mercury 9. Uttar Pradesh 10. Bihar 11. Kerala ( 1084) 12. Haryana ( 877)  13. Kerala with 93.91% 14. 63.82% 15. 1st April 1935 16. In 1955 17. 1956 18. Sir Smith 19. C.D. Deshmukh 20. Oriental Society in 1818.

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