Practice Set 2 for Direct and Indirect Speech

Now we are providing Direct and Indirect Speech Practice Set 2 after covering its rule and Practice Set 1. Practice is very necessary for having confidence in Grammar. So get ready to do another Practice Set for Reported Speech. But before that Read the complete rules of Narration from here.

Reported Speech – Direct and Indirect Speech – Practice Paper -2

1. John said to me,” When you came here, it was raining.”

2. Sam says,” Everyday I read this book to get knowledge.”

3. Tom said to Mary,” Don’t take me for granted.”

4. She said,” Well, I can do this work.”

5. I said to him,” Congratulations on your promotion.”

6. She said to me,” Happy birthday to you.”

7. I said to him,” You fool!”

8. The master said to his servant,” Don’t bring me tea now.”

9. The PM said to the countrymen,” Make the country clean.”

10. I said to him,” Let us go for walk.”

11. My brother told me,” You are lazy.”

12. “Why don’t you consult the doctor?”, he said to me

13. They say to us,” We have been living here for two years.”

14. Doctor said to him, ” Play everyday to be fit and keep away the diseases.”

15. Shobha said, ” I listen to music in the morning everyday. ”

Answers of Practice Set 2 ( Narration )

1. John told me that when I went there, it was raining.

2. Sam says that everyday he reads this/that book to get knowledge.

3. Tom asked Mary not to take him for granted.

4. She said that she could do that work.

5. I congratulated him on his promotion.

6. She wished me happy birthday.

7. I called him fool.

8. The master ordered his servant not to bring him tea then.

9. The PM requested the countrymen to make the country clean.

10. I suggested to him that we should go for walk.

11. My brother told me that I was lazy.

12. He asked me why I didn’t consult the doctor.

13. They tell us that they have been living here for two years.

14. Doctor advised him to play every to be fit and keep away the diseases.

15.Shobha said that she listened to music in the morning everyday.

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  1. Thanks for the practice set❤….

  2. In the last statement why listen is changed into listened as it is a habit that she listens music everyday? So here it can come
    Shobha said that she listens to music everyday.Am i correct?

    • I think you are correct

    • why are you change this into listens? it’s a universal truth so, it will be unchanged

  3. Thanks❤ for the practice set paper.

  4. It’s bad because it’s not choices I hate using paper and pencil ‍♂️


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