Famous Festivals & Fairs in Haryana

Haryana is the land of fairs and festivals. Umpteen no of festivals and fairs are held and celebrated here by all the people of the state. These festivals are famous in the whole country. During the Solar eclipse, millions of people gather at the world-famous city Kurukshetra, the land on which Lord Krishana had given the sermons of Gita to Arjuna. The Teej festival of the land is also world-famous. Now learn about other famous festivals and fairs of Haryana.

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Haryana – A land of Festivals and Fairs

Vaman Dwadashi ( वामन द्वादशी ) fair is held in Ambala District.

Mela Kali Mai is also held at Kalka, Ambala in Chaitra Month.

Festivals at Faridabad –

The fair of Baldev Chhatth ( बलदेव छठ ) is held at Ballabhgarh.

The fair of Baba Udasnath was held at Alavpur.

The other festivals which are held at Faridabad are – कनूवा का मेला , कान्हा गौशाला का मेला etc.

Surajkund Mela – This is world famous fair which is held at Surajkund ( Faridabad )every year. Many artists come here with their artifacts. Besides this fair is a big attraction for the foreign tourists.

In Bhiwani District, the famous fairs are Mungipa Fair, बाबा खेड़ेेवाला Fair ( Naurangabad) along with Sati Fair at Kharak Kalan.

In Gurgaon Sheetla Mata Fair, Buddho Mata Fair, Budhi Teej Fair, Shahchokha Khori Fair are very famous.

Aggarsen Jayanti Fair is held at Agroha ( Hisar )  during March April every year.

Famous Festival and Fairs held at Various Districts in Haryana

Jind is famous for the fairs like Dhamtan Sahib Mela ( Dhamtan, Narwana) , Sacha Sauda Mela, हटकेश्वर मेला , रामरायहद मेला , Bilsar Mela etc.

Karnal is famous for Baba Simrandas Mela, Parasar Mela, Pandu Mela etc.

Pundrak Mela is held at Pundari Town of Kaithal.

Kurukshetra is famous for सूर्यग्रहण स्नान , Markanda Mela, Pehowa Mela etc.

Famous Fairs of Panipat – कलंदर की मजार का मेला , पाथरी माता का मेला etc.

बाबा सूरजगिरी का पौराणिक मेला रेवाड़ी में आयोजित होता है।

Dhosi Fair, Baba Bhilai Fair, Baba Kesriya Fair, Bhura Bhawani Fair are held at Mahendragarh.

Rohtak – Baba Mastnath Fair, Baba Gantidas Fair ( बाबा गनती दास मेला ), Baba Jamnadas Mela , Bhimeshwar Mela etc.

Yamunanagar is famous for Gopal Mochan Fair Bilaspur ( Jagadhari)

डेरा नग्न बलक्नठ का मेला, बाबा रमकशाह का मेला सोनीपत में लगता  हैं।

Sirsa is famous for गणगौर मेला , रामदेवजी का मेला

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