National Cyber Olympiad ( NCO) – How to Apply, Syllabus, Sample Paper

Science Olympiad Foundation ( SOF) holds National Cyber Olympiad ( NCO ) every year. The students from 2nd to 12th classes can participate in this Test. It intends to find Cyber talent in the grown up children. Last year i.e. in 2016 the test took place on 13th and 20th October 2016.

NCO Registration Form, Exam Date, SyllabusThis year exams occurred in Feb 2017. So it is obvious that exams are quite frequent under NCO title. So get ready for next exam in 2017. Here we are providing some of the answers of Frequent Asked Questions ( FAQ). These questions are –

SOF NCO Exam Answer key/ Result 2017-2018

We shall also provide you the answer key and result of exams on this page soon. Use the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions related with National Cyber Olympiad –

Q. How can I apply for NCO ?

Q. What is the Syllabus for the Exams ?

Q. What type of questions become part of this test ? and so on…

Q. 1 How to apply for NCO ?

Answer – For that all schools must attach with Science Olympiad Foundation. Then SOF sends applications in such schools. However, the schools not linked with it can get prospects by sending email at The respective schools will have to send the duly filled application/ registration forms by the due dates.

Q. 2. Syllabus and Pattern for National Cyber Olympiad ?

Answer – NCO Pattern –

The test contains 50 questions. The candidates have to complete it in 60 minutes. The test contains three sections namely Section 1 with 15 questions, Section 2 with 15 questions and Section 3 with 20 questions.

Syllabus –

Section 1 ( Mental Ability ) – This portion contains the following topics – No System, Algebra, Irrational Nos, Linear equations in two variables, Profit and Loss, Discount, Percentage, Compound Interest, Lines and Angles, Areas, Polynomials, Banking, Sales Tax, Quadratic Equations, Cost of living Index, Solids, Trigonometric Ratios, Parallelograms, Constructions, Congruence, Ration and Proportion, Factorization of Polynomials.

Section II ( Logical and Analytical Reasoning ) – The topics are – Find odd numeral out, series competition, coding-decoding, Mirror images, Mathematical reasoning, Embedded Figures, Direction Sense Test, Cubes and Dice, Analytical Reasoning, Problems based on figures.

And Section III ( Computers and IT ) – The topics are – Computer Software, Computer System, An Overview, Communication Technology, MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point.

Click here for Applying, Exam Dates, Result and Answer key

Q. 3 Sample Question Paper for NCO –

1. A bag contains 5 red pens and some blue pens. If the probability of drawing a blue pen is double that of a red pen, the no of blue pens in the bag is …..

a. 5  b. 10  c.  8  d. 7

2. What is the value of tan 5 degree, tan 25 deg, tan 65 deg tan 85 deg ?

a. √3 b 1/ √3  c. 2/ √3   d. 5/ √3

3. 2 nos are in the ratio of 3:5. If 8 is added to each no, the ration becomes 2:3. What are nos ?

a.  20 & 30  b. 24 & 40  c. 32 & 42  d. 35 & 45

4. Arrange the following as they are in the dictionary and find the last word –

Solution, Solvent, Solvency, Solon

a. Solution   b. Solvent   c. Solvency   d. Solon B

5. Bhiwani is smaller than Sangrampur, Jatwa is bigger than Alipur but Alipur is bigger than Sangrampur. Phoolpur is the biggest. Which of these will fall in the middle ?

a.  Phoolpur   b. Sangrampur  c. Bhiwani  d. Alipur

6. In what the processing speed of a computer we measure ?

a.  Mega byte b. 16 bit c. mega hertz d. Milli seconds

7. Which of the following is not a hardware component ?

a. Mouse b. LAN c. Chip d. Semiconductor Memory

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