Reasoning Ability Test 7 for IBPS, SSC, HSSC CAT Exams

Here is another Practice Set for Reasoning Ability for the said exams. We have provided Answers at the end of Practice Paper. If you find any error in any of them, you can make us aware of that through the comment box below.

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Reasoning Ability Practice Set 7

Q. 1. If green stands for yellow ; yellow comes for white ; white means red ; red means violet, violet stands for black; now tell which of the following comes for the color of human blood ?

Q. 2. If × stands for added to ; ÷ comes for multiplied by ; + comes for subtracted from and – means divided by, then 24 + 36-12 × 8 ÷ 4 =

Q. 3. How many pairs of letters are there in the word GLIMPSE each of which has as many letters between them in the world as in the English alphabet ?

Q. 4. EARN is equal to RANE, BOND is related to NODB. TEAR has relation with ….

a. ATRE b. AERT c. ARET d. REAT e. None of these

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On the basis of the statements below, find the correct conclusions that follow –

Q. 5 Statements –

Some bags are trunks.

All trunks are shirts.

Some shirts are books.

All books are shops.

Conclusions :

i. Some shops are bags.

ii. Some books are bags.

iii. Some shops are shirts.

iv. Some shirts are bags.

a. Only i and ii follow

b. Only i and iii follow

c. Only iii and iv follow

d. only ii and iv follow

e. None of these

6. Statements –

All pens are tables.

All flowers are tables.

And – All tables are trucks.

Also All trees are trucks.

Conclusions :

i. Some trucks are pen.

ii. Some trucks are tables.

iii. Some trees are pens.

iv. Some trees are tables.

a. Only i and iii follow

b. Only i and ii follow

c. Only iii and iv follow

d. Only ii and iv follow

e. None of these

Q. 7. Moon is related to Satellite as earth is to –

a. Sun b. Solar System c. Planet d. Jupiter

Q. 8. Find out the next term –

HUA, GTZ, FSY, ERX, ……. ?

Q. 9. Find the odd man out –

a. Iron b. Mica c. Zinc d. Chlorine e. Aluminum

Q. 10. What shall be the CODE of NODE if BOARD has 53169 and NEAR 2416 as their codes ?

Answers- 1. Violet 2. 53 3. Two 4. b 5. c 6. b 7. c 8. DQW 9. d 10. 2394

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