Reasoning Practice Paper 6 for IBPS, SSC, HSSC Exams

We have already provided a few papers on Reasoning for the examinees of various exams. IBPS, SSC, Railway Recruitment Board, States’ Commissions keep taking Written Tests on regular basis. Reasoning is one of the chief components here.

Reasoning requires less attention than other parts of the paper. However this attention must be permanent. So keep practicing Reasoning Aptitude Test. Here is a Practice Set that may come very handy for all students.

Try more practice Sets on Reasoning below –

1. Indicating towards a boy, a girl said,” He is the son of the daughter of my uncle’s father.”. What is the relation of the boy with the girl ?

2. Pointing to a snapshot, Joseph said, ” He is the son of the only daughter of my brother’s father.” What relations does Joseph bear with the man in the photo?

3. At some game, Rudra was sitting in seat 253. Kinjal was sitting to the right of Rudra in seat 254. In the seat to the left of Rudra was Joseph. Tom was sitting to the left of Joseph. Which seat is Tom sitting in ?

Reasoning Practice Paper 6 for all Exams –

4. A person walks 20 m east, then further 10 m south, then he walks 35 m west and further 5 m north. Then he walks 15 m towards east. Now what is the distance between his beginning point and ending point ?

5. How may 3’s are there in the given no order which are immediately preceded by 6 but not immediately followed by 7?

Sequence – 2 3 74356374638963518372428639

6. Complete the series –

SCD, TEF, UGH, …….., WKL

7. A,P,R, Y, S and Z are sitting in a row. S and Z are in the Centre. A and P are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. Who is sitting to the right of P ?

Find the related terms –

8. Diva : Opera

a. producer : theatre b. director : drama c. conductor : bus d. thespian : play

9. After : Before

a. Present : Past b. First : Second c. Successor : Predecessor d. Just : Now

10. Light : Blind

a. Speech : Dumb b. Language : Deaf c. Tongue : Sound d. Voice : Vibrato

Answer – 1. Brother 2. Maternal Uncle 3. 251 4. 5 m 5. Three 6. VIJ 7. Y 8. d 9. c 10. b

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