Check Reasoning Ability – Practice Set 5

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Reasoning Practice Set – 5

Sometimes the questions of reasoning are quite tricky and can be solved with a bit of brain exercise.

Q. 1 Choose the correct alternative –

i – Iran : Riyal :: Chile : ?

a. dollar b. cent c yen d piso

ii. Animals : Zoo :: Bees : ?

a. nest b. apiary c. kennel d. none of them

iii. BJNT : CIOS :: DJPV : ?


iv 123 : 169 :: 235 : ?

Q. 2. There are 30 members in a club. Each member shakes hands with every other member. How many times did the shake hands take place ?

Q. 3. A monkey is to climb a 30 foot tree. Every time he goes 3 feet up and then slips 2 feet down. In how many efforts it can climb that tree ?

Q. 4. 15 crows are sitting at a branch . A hunter fires a bullet and killed one crow. Now tell how many crows are left at the branch ?

Q. 5. Rudra has 52 marbles. If Kinjal had 9 more marbles, she would have half of the marbles Rudra has. How many marbles does Kinjal have ?

Q. 6. A plank sized 25 feet 6 inches has been cut in to three equal parts. What is the size of one part?

Q. 7. Apples in a basket gets double in every minute. If the basket is full of apples in one hour, when was it half of the apples ?

Answers – 1. i d ii b iii b iv 625 2. 435 3. 28 4. No crow shall be left there 5. 17 6. 8 feet and 6 inches 7. 59 Minutes

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