US Spelling Bee Contest Important Words for Years to Come

In 2016 US Spelling Bee Contest, Indian Americans have once again proved their mettle by clinching the Trophy. Two Indian-American students Nihar, a 5th Grade student from Austin and Jairam, a 7th Grade student from Painted Post, New York were named co-champions of the most reputed Spelling Competition of the USA.

It shows the intelligence Indian students ( the students of Indian origin ) has. May be they will help in the coming competition in the USA.

Nihar has become the youngest winner of the BEE Competition. It is also amazing that out of the 10 finalists, 7 were of Indian- American origin.

The words which decided the champions of the US Spelling BEE 2016 Contest are –









We are providing some important words for Spelling Competition for the years to come. So we hope these words may help the future competitors of US Spelling Bee Competition. We shall move from easy to difficult.

Parochial ( Narrow in View)

Proclivity ( Inclination )

Important Spellings for US Bee Contests

These are the words asked in the competition that took place in America.

Predilection ( Partially for )

Quadruped ( Having four Feet)

Quarantine ( Period of Separation)

Querulous ( Fretful)

Rendezvous ( Meeting Place)

Sacrilegious ( Profane)

Sangfroid ( Courage)

Supersede ( Take the place of)

Scrupulous ( Conscientious)

Surreptitious ( Secret)

Throttle ( Strangle)

Bavardage ( French) – Idle Talk

Canaille ( Fr) – A pack of hounds

Cachinnus ( Fr) – A loud Laugh

Cochleare ( Lat) – A spoonful

Cadeau ( Fr) – A gift

Brioche ( Fr) – A blunder

Exabundantia ( Lat) – Out of Abundance

Entrepreneur ( Fr) – Contractor

Etourderie ( Fr) – Stupid Mistake

Edaxrerum ( Lat ) – Eater of all things

Divertissement ( Fr) – Amusement

Depeche ( Fr) – Message

Etourdi ( Fr) – Foolish

Exempligratia ( Lat) – For instance

Gemuthlicheit ( German) – Good Nature

Huissier ( Fr) – Door Keeper

Interrorem ( Lat) – As a warning

Illustrissimo ( Lat) – Most illustrious

Ouvrage ( Fr) – A work

Satsapienti ( Lat) – A sign is enough for a wise person

Weltschmerz ( Greek) – World Sorrow

Weltgeist ( Greek) – World Spirit

Oubliette – Secret Prison

Pasteurization – Killing of Worms

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We shall provide you more for the next US Spelling Bee Contest. If you have any query or suggestion regarding the post, you can give your suggestions below in the comment box.

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