How to inculcate reading habits among Youngsters ?

Reading makes one a complete universal human being – said RN Tagore. This statement clearly shows the importance of Reading. But unfortunately 25% of the total educated young people take interest in regular reading ( as per National Book Trust 2010 India Youth Demographies and Readership Survey).

Such a low percentage of young readers. Why are the youngsters indifferent towards reading ? Do they mix up syllabus reading with general reading? Even a large percentage of youngsters doesn’t see a newspaper what to speak of reading it.

Reading is a wide source of information and knowledge. They are the great repository of precious treasures that have hidden in the books in the forms of words. So it is very necessary for everyone to read books on the regular basis.

But if the youngsters are reluctant in reading books, how to create their interest ? So use the following tips on the youngsters to create their interest in reading.

Tips for Inculcate the reading habits among the youngsters –

Bring books of their interest –

Give the books of their choice rather thrusting your choice on them. If they are interested in stories or novels or movies, give them books related with such topics. Philosophical books will not please them. Young children may be more interested in reading comics. If you think they must read books on science and related things, you are wrong. They will certainly show their apathy towards reading. So give them the choice of reading a book.

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Group Reading –

Encourage Group reading among the young people. Make their groups and ask them read books together and share the books with each other. Also ask them to discuss the content of the books. This practice shall encourage them to read more and more books.

Make them join some library –

Library contains books of various types and caters to the taste of people of all ages. They make the reading punctual and intensive. Visiting to library also corrects the sitting posture while reading.

Demonstrate Reading before them –

Children learn by emulating their elders. If you have the learning habits, your children will also have. Give your time to reading also and it will also encourage your children to read books.

Such tips may help your children inculcating reading habits.

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