Why is Reading important? Read Advantages

Reading is one of the four skills of any language learning. In learning English and getting proficiency in this language also, these four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing – are important. Reading is considered simplest of all these skills. Therefore it is always taken for granted.

English Reading is passing through a miserable condition these days. It is true that there is less culture of reading English among the students in Indian Schools and Colleges.

What to speak of students, teachers teaching English seem to keep themselves from reading English Books. As a result the Reading suffers and also suffer the students and their English.

There are a no of advantage of Reading, especially English Reading. Check some of the benefits of reading.

Reading corrects Pronunciation

Reading helps you improving your pronunciation of the words. When you read something, you come across the difficult words and learn to read them and pronounce them.

Reading Enhances your Vocabulary –

The more you read, the more powerful vocabulary you shall have. You will come across new words and their usage and in that way, you get acquainted with them and  your vocabulary increases.

It Enhances your Knowledge –

Reading books and newspaper keeps you updated and enhances your knowledge about the things.

Reading corrects your Spelling –

It also helps you correcting your spelling. The more you read, the more words come before your eyes and you will come to know of their spellings.

Make you more confident –

When you find that your pronunciation is going on better, your vocabulary is getting stronger and your knowledge is getting improvement and increasing, you automatically feels more confident.

So read as much possible. Read English Newspapers, English books like Novels, Dramas, Poetry etc. You will see the difference yourself after some time.

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