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The students, examinees, learners of the language and others are in constant search for tips. Students need Exam tips for their upcoming exams, interview tips for jobs, language tips for improving their language proficiency viz speaking, writing, reading and listening etc.

All the tips we have provided are the result of the deep analysis and long experience of examweb team. We hope these tips shall be valuable for you and help you a lot in getting the desired results.Effective Tips for Everything

How to make Effective Resume / CV/ Bio-data – Here you shall come to know the effective ways of preparing your curriculum vitae. You will also find the Model Resume which you can use with a bit of modification.

How to Improve writing Skills ? – Here you shall get tips regarding making your writing effective.

Tips for Speaking English – These tips will help you in speaking English fluently.

How to Start a Speech ? – If you don’t know how to start a speech, you can read these tips and get a good start.

How to make an Effective Speech ? – 9 Tips – These 9 magical tips will certainly help you to make effective speech.

Tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam – If you have cleared the Tier 1 Exam, then these tips shall be much valuable for you for Tier 2 Exam by SSC.

Read Tips for Various Exams, Interviews and Language Proficiency –

SSC CGL English Preparation Tips – English is an important subject in CGL/ CHSL Exams. So get a good command over this subject using these valuable tips.

How to Prepare for Mathematics ? – Maths is a technical subject and an integral part of many an exam. Use the tips for getting a good edge in the exam.

How to become Cricket Commentator ? – Like most of the cricket crazy fans, if you wanna be a cricket commentator like Sunil Gavaskar, Harsha Bhogle, you can avail these tips.

How to Improve English Pronunciation ? – Tips – Pronunciation is the soul of the language. If you have bad pronunciation, you can become easy target of laughter from your listeners. So it is better to improve your pronunciation. Use these given Tips.

Interview Preparation Tips – Interview is ahead and feeling worried ! Don’t worry. Use these tips to overcome this Interview phobia.

How to Introduce Myself during Interview ? РGive  Tips РSelf- Intro is the soul of any of the interviews. So it must be very effective. Use the tips for making it effective.

How to Enhance GD Skills ? – Group Discussion is also the part of Personality evaluation and to check language proficiency and knowledge of a candidates of some particular topic. So these tips shall be very important for you.

Learn English just in One Hour – Read Tips how ?

How to Secure more than 90% marks in English in Board Exams ? Read Tips

What to do after 10+2 ?

What to do after B.Ed ?

How to improve your Memory ? –¬† 12 Tips

How to Write Notices for Board Exams ?

Tips for Writing Business Letters

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  1. sir pls tell me what will be the best way after the completion of graduation

    1. Clear your question. if you want to ask about career, tell us about your stream in graduation.

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