How to Write a Notice? Notice Composition for 10th, 12th Classes

Notice Writing – Short Composition – Learn how to writer a Notice for Notice Boards of Schools/ Colleges/ Clubs/ Societies/ Organizations

What is a Notice ?

A notice is a written/ printed information meant to reach concerned persons. It aims at giving some information to a larger group of people belonging to same organization. The target of the Notices is to inform the students of some schools/ colleges, employees of some organizations etc.

If the notices are for the people of some of wider areas, the notices are printed in newspapers, or magazines etc. A notice is like a circular. So what is the difference between a circular and a notice ? Notice is pasted at one particular place whereas the Circulars are those notices which are circulated via some channels.

Points which you should keep in mind while writing a Notice –

  1. The Notice should be short, precise and formal.
  2. The word limit must not cross 50.
  3. The information must be to the point.
  4. The name of the organization/ school must be written in the centre above.
  5. The date on which notice is to be written must be there at the upper right hand side of the notice.
  6. Write down the name of the issuing authority in your Notice.
  7. The person’s name who is to be contacted must be written at the right bottom of the notice.
  8. The notice must be written in the second or the third person.
  9. Then enclose the whole notice in a box.

Check the Sample Notice –

You are Rudra Gupta. As a secretary of the Cultural Club of your School, MD Public School, Narwana, write a notice informing the students about the Cultural Programme on the occasion of Independence Day in the school auditorium. Ask the students to participate.

MD Public School


Cultural Programme


8th August …

The students will be glad to know that the Cultural Club of the school will celebrate the Cultural Programme on the great occasion of Independence Day of our country on 15th August …. in the school auditorium. The Programme will start sharp at 8:00 am.  Hon’ble Education Minister has accepted our request to be the Chief Guest. There shall be various cultural  items such as dances, songs, speeches etc. The interested candidates can give their names to the undersigned on or before 10th of August… Remember – It is compulsory for all the students to attend the programme.



Cultural Club

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