Courses after B.Ed – What Can I do after B.Ed ?

I have done B.Ed. What is the scope after doing B.Ed ? Please tell us as to what courses we can do after our B.Ed. These are the very common questions that boggle everybody’s mind quite often. The students who complete their B.Ed are found asking if there are other fields also except teaching after B.Ed. Here we are providing you some of the courses and job fields you can pursue after B.Ed.

Courses and Jobs after B.Ed –

1. Teaching Jobs as TGT and PGT –

Obviously this is the first and foremost thing you can do after B.Ed. There are two categories of teaching posts you can get after doing your B.Ed. First is of TGTs ( Masters / Mistresses ). For getting the jobs as TGT, the candidates need to do Graduation and then B.Ed in the concerned subjects.

These teachers are expected to teach from 6th to 8th classes. If you are PG in any of the subjects and then you do your B.Ed in the concerned subject, you can apply for PGT Posts. For that you must have 50% in the PG Degree. The TET is mandatory to become teachers in the school. So alone B.Ed won’t do. After doing B.Ed you must focus on the TET in the relative subjects.

List of Top Institutions/ Universities that offer Correspondence B.Ed

2. M.Ed or MA Education –

You can also pursue higher degree in education. It means you can do M.Ed or MA in Education. The duration of M.Ed is one year whereas for MA Education it is two years.

M.Ed is a regular course whereas MA Education can be done both correspondence and regularly. After doing M.Ed or MA Education, you can get jobs in B.Ed Colleges. But the prerequisite  is that the aspirants must have NET clear in Education for that besides having 55% in the PG Class.

Scope after M.Ed / Universities that offer M.Ed in Correspondence Mode

3. Education Officer –

After doing M.Ed or MA Education, you can also apply as Education Officer in some most Prestigious Schools. You job will be to see to education related affairs in the concerned institution.

4. Counselor –

You can also manage to get the job of Counselor in any of the prestigious institutions. Here your job will be to provide counselor to the needed students. You can also have private office as a Counselor. There is much demand of Counselors there days. You must have PG in Psychology for that or B.Ed and M.Ed with Psychology as the staple subject.

5. Start your Own school –

If you some money and some experience, you can start a school of your own. In the beginning it may be a small school. The banks also finance for setting up new schools.

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  1. I am double m com in management. And abst.
    Now i m doing b ed what should i do after b ed

    1. First of all tell me as to what you want to do.

      1. Hi sir, I completed graduation ( bio technology ) and b.ed ( science ) ,,, I am basically from childhood English medium, now what should I do sir in pg, I mean M.A English or MSC botany,,,, I'm am from telngana , godavarikhani dist karimnagar,,, thanking you sir yours faithfully najmuddin,

        1. Career-making choice is very complex. You have to be very careful in this respect. Having education in English Medium doesn't mean that you should opt for MA English. You higher education belongs to science. I think you must go for M.Sc Botany. But before making any decision, listen to your mind and heart.

  2. Sir,
    I have done my graduation and post graduation in nutrition & dietetics..but as per future aspect I am palnning to do b.ed …so is there any subjects related to my fields i have done..and should i go for this b.ed teaching stream.

    1. I think you will not find such subjects in B.Ed. For combination subjects in B.Ed, you will have to choose some other teaching subjects.

  3. hello..I am anuradha..I had done and den b.ed ..infact my ctet is also cleared..and I am taking home tutions from 6 what should I do knw..what are the scope for me now?

    1. Private coaching is not considered as an experience. But in Private schools you can have benefit of the private coaching. Also you will have to do M.Com as there are no posts of TGT Commerce.

  4. Hi,
    I have completed my B.ED with subject Hindi/ Home Science.

    Plz suggest after that what i can do.

    Also like inform you now i am house wife.

  5. Hello
    I had done my 12th with PCM subject and also computer science was one of ny subject during 12th then I had my d.ed and also I m graduate from BSc.It I have done it in correspondence with my d.ed . I have 4 years of experience as a teacher in private now I am incharge of primary section there. I have also done some in services educational course and now I have cleared my entrance exam for b.ed education.I want to know what subjects should I take to proceed further in b.ed and what's next for me?

    1. You can do B.Ed with Science and Maths and get job as the Science/Maths teacher.

  6. sir, I completed my in Information technology. now I want to study math upto 12 . I have good command on what subjects should take in b.ed and what should do .

    1. So you can take maths and other subject which is in combination with Maths. What's the problem ?

  7. Hello sir

    what is the eligibility criteria for m.ed and ma education?

    1. It is only B.Ed.

  8. i am intended to take admission in b.ed. but i have completed my degree from private their any problem ?

    1. No problem if the university is recognized by UGC for the course you have done.

  9. Hello,there is any exam is required for job after b.ed?

    1. There are screening tests for all teaching jobs.

  10. I have done bsc biotechnology from regular college and msc biotechnology in correspondence and I am interested in teaching so I have planned to do b.ed. and my question is for which classes I'll b eligible for teaching after b.ed .will I get the job as lecturer

    1. You'll get the job as a Science Teacher. For the lectureship, you must have such subject in your PG that can be taught in 10+2.

  11. Hello,
    I have completed my BBA from IP university IITM.
    Now i m pursuing B.ed from IP university.
    Please tell me which 2 subjects i should choose.
    And what would be futher opportunities for me.
    I want to teach as a Ass. Profeesor in b.ed institutions what should i do after b.ed?

    1. For that consult the concerned official ( Admission Branch) of the university. He may tell you about the subject combinations. You can choose one as per your convenience.

    2. Tell me what i have to do to work in b.ed institutions…

      1. Do M.Ed or MA Education and clear NET. You can also do PhD.

        1. Can i do MA in economics as i have done bba n curently i m pursuing b.ed and my subjects are social sc. and english as i cant opt for anything else right now.
          Just tell me can i fo MA in economics…

          1. Yes, you can do MA in Economics.

          2. Thanyou so much

  12. Hello,
    i have completed my b.ed.
    In graduation i have maths and english….for TGT maths….in TET exam which group should i choose….arts or science ?

  13. I am a student who just got done with A level (complete 12 years of education).i have applied for a B.Ed(hons) Elementary degree.If i want to continue my education after this 4 year degree,what prgrams can i apply for or am eligible to study? I have also completed a phonics course,so will i be able to teach during my 4 year B.Ed degree?

  14. hi sir..gud afternoon..after completion of my B.Ed(Bio-science) ..which group i will choose to go america..

    1. For that you must consult the Professors in the concerned department of B.Ed college.

      1. Thank you sir

  15. Hello sir .I am graduate from biotechnology and post graduate from food technology and sci …and now I am decided to do B.ed course..but my question is aftr B.ed m I eligible for 11th and 12th std for biology professor or should I hav to do anything else aftr B.ed??

    1. You must visit the Inquiry Office of any of the B.Ed Colleges in your area for clarity.

  16. Hello sir plzzz tell me it is necessary to have masters degree for set exam.

    1. For SET exam you must have PG with 55% or as per state norms. For that B.Ed is not necessary.

  17. Sir, i have done b.a with maths, m.a in eng, b.ed with maths and punjabi…..can i apply for pgt eng as i dint have eng lit in b.a and nor i had eng as teaching subject…..pls reply ….i m in a big confusion

    1. It depends upon states as well as organizations. For example, in Haryana you are eligible.

  18. I have done my graduation. I have also completed MA in economics and my B.ed.
    Tell me the best job i can apply for for which i will be paid good.

    1. Try for PGT Post at some very good schools such as DPS, Goenka International, YPS Patiala etc.

  19. I have done my b.ed and M.A. from Hindi. Now i want to do some thing in special educate. Is there any course available after B.ed for special education as don't want to do b.ed in special education again.

    1. For that B.Ed in Special Education is required ( For Govt Jobs). But if you are interested to do job in Private such institutions, you can apply even without B.Ed in special education.

  20. Thank sir for replying……now I can apply for PGT eng HTET…..sir can you provide any guidance for dat

    1. Welcome. Just work hard and check related material from our website.

  21. Sir i want to know that in b.ed sci and eng can be teachng subj. Or nt.

    1. I think that is not the combination.

  22. I have done Then I did b.ed in eng and sst subject. Now I have completed my and want to teach accounts and bst. Do I hv to b.ed again in commerce as my teaching subjects are eng and sst?

  23. Good day, I completed a B ed in electrical technology under FET. I want to work with electricity or have a diploma in electrical engineering, n by the moment I’m a teacher

  24. Sir,
    I will complete my B.Ed till may 2016,
    I’m graduate in . But due to gap of year I don’t want to pursue for .
    So, what are the other options apart from this and also kindly tell me the benefits of doing that course ..
    As I’m very confused in choosing a right course .. I

  25. sir, I have done B.A(Eng), M.A(Eng) with 58%, B.Ed with 69%.

    Can I join M.A(Education) ?
    if yes, then can i get job in colleges aftr clearing ugc net (though i dont have education subject in graduation) ?

    1. Yes, you can do MA Education and can also get college job after doing UGC NET in education.

  26. can i get job west bengal colleges..?

    are M.A (Edu) and M.Ed same.?

    1. Yes, both are same. If you are qualified, you can get job there.

  27. is IGNOU a better option to do M.A in Education.?

    1. IGNOU provides quality courses. So you can pursue any of the courses from there without any hesitation.

  28. Dear
    I am graduate psychology ad b.ed. what is scope for me .can I be a kvs/nvodaya teacher.
    So please sirguide me.

    1. There are posts for Psychology teachers as well. Keep looking for jobs via employment news and other sources.

  29. I have done graduation in economics and anthropology.I want to know that b.ed with economics and history is valid to teach social studies in govt school.because anthro is not upper primary subject. Plz reply

  30. मैं सर 12 मैथ ग्रुप से हूँ। फिर हमने बीएससी आईटी किया। मेरे बीएससी आईटी के हर सेमेस्टर में मैथ था। बीएड भी हूँ ।मैथ+ साइंस से क्या हम टीचर की पात्रता रखते हैं ।क्या है मेरा फ्यूचर हमे टीचिंग लाइन पसंद है।

    1. I don’t think you are qualified as Math/ Science Teacher. For more clarification, visit the Inquiry dept of any B.Ed. College.

  31. सर आप मेरी बात सायद समझे नहीं। सर मैं स्नातक बीएससी आईटी हूँ।पुनः सर हम बीएड मैथ एवम् साइंस में किया हूँ। मेरे हर सेमेस्टर में मैथ एमएससी लेवल का था। फिर हमने एमए गड़ित से किया हूँ। क्या हम tgt एग्जाम दे सकता हूँ।

    1. Yes, you are eligible and can apply for TGT Posts. You hadn’t given the full details of your qualification that time.

  32. I have done graduation in economics and anthropology.I want to know that b.ed with economics and history is valid to teach social studies in govt school.because anthro is not upper primary subject. Plz reply

  33. Hi Sir,
    I have completed my in 2008 and B.ed in 2013 and I also qualified Ctet and UPTET. But as a commerce graduate I have very limited option to apply for teacher for TGT Social Science post. So I have completed my BA general in 2015,.. So just wanted to check if i can apply for TGT teachers for center and UP government for social science on the basis of BA general or I will be denied to appear for exam on basis of BA general as this has been completed after B.ed.

  34. Sir, I have completed my graduation in Education subject and after that I have done M.A in Education from a distance college. Recently I have cleared CTET and primary TET. Now I am going to apply for B.Ed course and I am totally confused about doing regular b.ed course and b.ed in special education. Sir, will you tell me that if I will have done b.ed in special education in future will I apply for teaching post in both regular(general) and special school? Please reply…

  35. I have done graduation in economics and anthropology.I want to know that b.ed with economics and history is valid to teach social studies in govt school.because anthro is not upper primary subject. Sir please reply

    1. I think with anthropology in Graduation you are not eligible to teach History. For that you will have to take BA exam for History as an additional subject. For more details contact some local B.Ed College.

  36. But sir main economics aur history se b.ed kar chuki hu aur SST se ctet aur uptet bhi clear kar chuki hu.To Kya graduation me history ke na hone se me future govt vacancy ke liye applicable nahi Mani jaungi .Sir plz bataya bahut confusion hai

    1. According to me, you should have the same subject in your graduation that you wish to teach. But I have already told you that you must visit some local B.Ed college for exact information.

  37. I have done b.a english (honours) can I do b.ed with history or geography

    1. Yes, you can. But for more confirmation, contact the Administration Branch of any B.Ed College.

  38. Sir good evening, I have done BA with general hindi,literature Hindi,economics & sociology from Agra university and B.Ed with social science & Hindi from Bangalore university. For which subject I am eligible for only UP TGT. As per qualification of social science subject in TGT that I should’ve a two subjects from four subjects ie geography, history, economics & sociology But I have a only economics. Request pls suggestions.

    1. You can apply for TGT Hindi. For more details please visit some B.Ed College of your city.

  39. Sir for TGT Hindi, Sanskrit subject should be there with Hindi in BA and I am not having Sanskrit subject with Hindi.
    2. if I do BA again with only Sanskrit subject then B Ed will be valid for TGT Hindi. Request pls guide.

    1. You don’t need to do BA again with Sanskrit. You can take just additional paper of Sanskrit. But every state and every university has its own rules regarding Teaching Combinations. That’s why I had told you to consult anybody in the Local B.Ed College.

  40. Hi ! I have done my graduation in hindi, sanskrit, and socialogy now want to do B.ed in sanskrit/hindi, so my questions is after doing b.ed , I am eligible only sanskrit teaching or both sanskrit and hindi TGT

    1. Yes, both Sanskrit and Hindi.

  41. Sir I have done graduation with English, Hindi, Public Administration, Geography in 2011. Now I want to do B.ed with fine art and Social Science. Is it necessary to have Fine art in graduation or I can do it as additional subject during b.ed. sir plz reply

    1. I think you will have to take BA exam with Fine Arts as additional subject.

  42. I have done Then I did b.ed in eng and maths subject. Now I have completed my and want to teach accounts and bst. Do I have to b.ed again in commerce to teach subjects accounts, business studies?

  43. I am a student of final year. I am a English medium. I like to do B. Ed. Should i go for it?

    1. If you opt for teaching at school level, you should do B.Ed.

  44. sir i have done btech in electrical engineering can i do Bed to become eligible as TGT (science and maths teacher)

  45. Sir I cmpltd my pg in maths but I have only 44℅.can I get any job in school after I cmplt bed course

    1. For PGT post, you must have 50% in PG ( In case you are from General Cat). But you can apply for TGT posts after doing B.Ed.

  46. I have completed B.Sc (PCM) . Currently I am doing MA English ( private) can i apply for B.ed this year and from what subjects

    1. I think you should do your B.Ed after MA English. You can choose Maths/English as your B.Ed subjects. For more details, visit some local B.Ed College of your city.

  47. I have done bcom and then done my b Ed with special subjects- English and Economics… Can I do ma or m Ed now??

    1. Yes, you can do MA or M.Ed.

  48. sir,after doing B.Ed in special education, should i opt for general M.Ed

  49. I can teach very well English or
    spoken English and i had done
    B.Ed can i teach English subject after
    B.Ed in school.

    1. You are not eligible to teach English if you didn’t have English as a teaching subject in B.Ed. However, unofficially you can teach English for the sake of satisfaction.

  50. Hello sir I m gonna complete my graduation dis year… N planning to do b.ed after Dat… I just want guidance whether I Shld first do my m.Sc and then b.ed or b.Ed and den m.ed…as I wish to teach in a good school or institute

    1. You must do your PG first. Then you can do B.Ed. If you are not interested in B.Ed, you can clear UGC/JRF or do M.Phil and PhD.

  51. Hello sir ..i am student of b.ed now ….can u tell me what should i do after b.ed ….without m.ed ….or m.a

    1. It depends upon your choice of career. If you wish to go to B.Ed College or work as specialist in Education, must do M.Ed. Otherwise give preference to MA.

  52. Hi
    I am maninder, i have done b.ed. And i have also 3 years experiance in teaching line…. Now i wants to continous my study… I don’t know what can i do … Plz suggest me what is the best for my future….

    1. First of tell us about your complete educational qualification and also what you want to do further. Only then we shall be able to say anything. Still there are courses you can do- PG in any of the subjects of your liking or M.Ed etc.

  53. I am completed B Ed from andhra pradesh state with maths and science subjects in 2012. Whats the government jobs for me

    1. You can apply for TGT Science. If you have PG degree with any of Science subjects, you can apply for PGT.

  54. Sir i did and now i am join in b.ed… which subject should take in the b.ed

  55. Qualification Btech IT.
    I want to work in schools as a teacher and in near future i want to become a educational officer.
    What should I study?

    1. I think you can do M.Sc IT to become computer instructor in the school. After this PG degree, you can do MA in Education for administrative jobs.

  56. Hello sr, I have completed my n B.ed regular now I m doing MA in eco I wanna become a good teacher. My english speaking is very gud m also gud in english teaching bt as i had commerce economics as my optional subjects in b.ed so i can not apply as an english teacher. Plz tell me for what subjects should I apply as a tgt teacher.

    1. You can take English Additional Paper in B.Ed.

  57. Respected sir,

    plz tell me that I have complete diploma in fashion designing full 3years course so can i apply B.ED course plz sir give answer soon……!!
    Thank Q

    1. On the basis of diploma, you can’t apply for B.Ed. Still for more info visit any of the local B.Ed colleges of your city.

  58. Hello sir I have done ,b.ed and DSM and have 2 yr teaching experience and one year admin experience in school…what should I do next n for wat different post can I apply..

  59. hi
    i have done b.ed from MD university. but my graduation in journalism. and i have clear my ctet also. kindly tell me i can get job for not as my graduation subject ia journalism..

  60. Hlo Sir…
    Plz reply me whatever I ask you. .becoz your one reply or your correct guidance might be change my whole life ….actually I have done M.A.b.ed…now I don’t know what to do ..where to do ….i know aap kahoge go for m.ed …but Sir am working in private sector. .on the other side I dont want to leAve studies …am so confused Sir. .m.ed correspondence nhe hai …to kya karu ….plz guide me …


    1. You can do MA Education from some universities like KUK, MDU as a private candidate. Then you can try for NET or PhD. Remember MA Education and M.Ed are equivalent.

  61. Hi

    I have done btech from EIE and having 4 years of experience in IT.Now I want to shift my career to teaching.
    What should be my next step for this?

    1. You can do M.Sc in IT and work as IT instructor in any of educational institutions.

  62. Hello i have done my B.Ed and i m graduate in science now what is best or M.Ed for my teaching career

    1. According to me, M.Sc option is better.

  63. Hello sir
    I have completed my 12th with PCB subject . And i have done my graduation in chemistry,botany and zoology, and have done my post graduation in zoology.
    Now i am pursuing B.Ed and i want your guidance ,that among these subjects i.e. maths/physical science/biological science, which subject combination will be best for me to be taken as my teaching subject.

  64. Hi Mr Vishal Gupta

    I am very glad to see your responds in the forum. Thank you. Please clarify my doubts also. I have done B.A and MA in university of Madras both distance education. Is it possible I can join in BE d regular. If yes, how many years of course I should select. In private colleges I saw one year. In lady wellington I saw two years. Which one is good. Which one helps me to go through in govt teaching jobs. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you can do B.Ed as a regular candidate. The duration of Private B.Ed is two years.

  65. Thank you so much.
    In other case if I do BE d also in correspondence is it eligible again for TET or CTET. Then all my graduations will be in correspondence. Is it matters?Even in many private schools vacancy ads. I saw distance education course not valid.

    1. For Govt Jobs, you shall be eligible.

  66. What subject I can teach after completing b.Ed and B.A general

    1. You can teach SS and English / Hindi. It depends on the subjects you have in B.Ed and B.A.

  67. sir please tell about ctet exam,and what are the eligiblity to apply for teaching post in kv schools. i have completed bsc physics and no i have applied for b ed

    1. For applying in KVS schools as a Science ( TGT) Teacher, you must have B.Sc + B.Ed along with CTET.

  68. I have done graduation in arts with subjects education,polsci,philosophy and environmental now can I do dietian or nutrition course for becoming a dietian or nutritionist

  69. Sir,
    I have done science til 12th

    Graduation in bsc I.T.

    Masters in management studies

    And teaching math and sci since my 11th

    I am applying for b.ed in math (becoz had in bsc I.T)
    And commerce (becoz i did my masters in management)

    Is there scope for me in international & icse boards & in which subjects

    1. You are eligible for TGT Math in these schools.

  70. Sir, I have done and m.a. in Hindi.
    Can I apply for ugc net Hindi .

    1. Yes, you can apply.

  71. Hi sir
    I complet my graduation and PG also, in graduation my % less than 50 in pg 55% can i aply for b.ed in govnt colg.

    1. Of course, you can.

  72. I have done M.A in sociology and about to take admission in B.ed. what are the scopes for sociology? And one more doubt want to know if i continue to do M.ed also then what r the chances for college teaching..

    1. Now-a-days MA Sociology + B.Ed has a great scope for getting PGT level jobs. After M.Ed if you clear NET or do PhD, you can get jobs of teachers in Colleges of Education.

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