Better Course MA Education or M.Ed. – What’s the difference?

Find out which is the better course – M.Ed. or M.A Education

This is a frequent asked question by the candidates who wish to purse their career in the Post Graduation Course in Education. That’s why there is a big confusion as to which course they must prefer to. Here we are describing both the courses by giving you the exact difference.

About M.A Education –

M.A in Education is a traditional subject. Those who pursue this course are not practicing teachers. These are those people who are interested in learning about education in general. It is  only for the sake of getting information/ knowledge in / about educational system.

About M.Ed ( Masters of Education )

It is for those who wish to take active role in the field of education professionally. It is for career sake. This course helps  a lot in growth in the realm of education. The candidates can get the official j0bs in an educational institute.

Duration of M.Ed and M.A Education Courses –

The duration of M.Ed is two year. This is a regular course. The eligibility for doing this course is B.Ed.

Top Universities that offer B.Ed in Correspondence mode

Duration for M.A Education Course –

This PG degree course runs for 2 years with four semesters. For doing this, the candidates must have graduation degree. It can be pursued in both manners regular and correspondence.

Which of these Two Degrees are better ?

For getting better scope in life ( Teaching jobs in govt sectors ) M.Ed is far better. For the jobs in the Education colleges, the candidates must have NET besides M.Ed.

MA Education has no much say in grabbing jobs. It just provides the candidates philosophic ( theoretical ) information about the Education and its system.

Read specificallyScope of Masters in Education with the names of Universities that offer this course. 

Note – These degrees are good for High Education System. For jr classes such as Secondary, Sr Secondary, B.Ed is must.

One thing is common regarding both the courses that both are intended to elaborate the vision / knowledge of the future teachers/ educationalists towards the modern education.

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