How to Start a Speech in English? Check Draft

Every body wants to make an influential start of his/her speech. Your initial words  can leave an indomitable impact on the listeners and they can have fairly better idea as to what kind of speaker you are gonna be.

You know well about the influence Swami Vivekanand had left on his audience at Chicago, USA with his beautifully and equally cleverly chosen words – My American brothers and sisters. We think we may also help you in making powerful beginnings of the speeches and help you have a permanent impact on the listeners.

How to give Self-Introduction in English ?

See how to make a good start of English Speech ?

1. Beginning must be done with salutation and proper reverence for your audience.

Respected Chairman, Members and other honorable people  gathered here …….( at a conference, meeting)

Honorable Principal, teachers and my dear students …………( at school )

Ladies and Gentlemen ( addressing a general gathering )

2. Then express your gratitude that people allow you to speak –

I deem it a great opportunity that I have been allowed to utter a few words on / express my concern on/ to express my views on / to discuss the issue with you …….

May I have your kind attention to the issue of / problem of ……

I humbly request you to lend your ear to me for my discussion on / my talk on/ my concern over …….

3. These lines must follow –

I hope you shall give me the patient hearing and ignore the mistakes I may commit while speaking on the said issue.

I expect you to listen to me carefully and with a lot of patience. You shall avoid my mistakes and try to understand the feelings contained in my speech.

Learn how to make speech in English – 9 Tips

So using such expressions you can make the beginning of your speech very impressive. If you have some suggestions/ tips you are free to give us in the comment box below.

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