English Paper for HSSC, SSC CGL Exams – Practice Set 4

We are determined to provide more and more Practice sets for Exams by SSC, HSSC and other exam conducting authorities. This is the English Paper that will give you ample knowledge of the subject for the upcoming exams.

English Paper for your Exams – Practice set

Here we shall cover Grammar related questions –

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Change the narration of the following sentences –

Q. 1 John said to me,” You had been watching TV for two hours.”

Q. 2. I said to him,” You see, there is difficulty in doing this work.”

Q. 3. He said to the people,” Friends, we have to do a lot for our country.”

Q. 4. I said to him,” Good Morning, let’s play cricket now.”

Q. 5. He said to me,” You will help me, won’t you ?”

Change the voice of the following sentences –

Q. 6. They asked me if I would go there.

Q. 7. It is suggested that we should work hard.

Q. 8. We believe that democracy will live long.

Q. 9. One should not tell a lie.

Q. 10. The brave are praised.

Correct the following sentences –

Q. 11. After he came here, we gave him some money.

Q. 12. People must not held in high esteem those who are blot on the good face of our society.

Q. 13. We have much too difficulty.

Q. 14. She is much the tallest girl of our class.

Q. 15 I have enough time to take rest.

Answers of the questions

1. John told me that I had been watching TV for two hours.

2. I told him that there was difficulty in doing that work.

3. He addressed the people as friends and said that they had to do a lot for their country. or

Addressing the people as friends, he said that they had to do a lot for their country.

4. I wished him good morning and suggested that we should play cricket then.

5. He asked me if I would help him.

6. I was asked if I would go.

7. Let us work hard.

8. It is believed that democracy will live long or Democracy is believed to live long.

9. A lie shouldn’t be told.

10. People admire the brave.

11. After he had ……………

12. must not hold …………

13. We have too much difficulty.

14 the given sentence is correct.

15. I have time enough to take rest.

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