Questions on Indian History – For SSC CGL, CHSL Exams – 1

Everybody knows that General Knowledge is a wide field. It is made of questions from the various areas like – History, Geography, Polity, Current Affairs etc. Here in this article we are providing some very important questions from Indian History. There are 6 or 7 questions from the portion called History of India. In 2012, there were 06 Questions and in 2011 and 2012 as well there were 06 Questions each in the SSC Exams. So this topic is very important for the aspirants of SSC CGL, CHSL Exams.

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The History of Indian can be divided in to three parts – Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History.  Check some important Questions from History of India –

Indian History Practice Set – 1

Q. 1 Where is Harappa Civilization situated ?

Ans – Sahiwal District Punjab (Pakistan)

Q. 2. Who were the first invaders who attacked India ?

Ans – Iranian

Q. 3. Which incident prompted M. Gandhi to immediately hold Civil Disobedience Movement ?

Ans – Chaura- Chauri incident

Q. 4. Who was the father of Rajia Sultan ?

Ans – Altamash

Q. 5. Who was Nagarjun ?

Ans – Buddha Philosopher

Q. 6. Who is the writer of India Wins Freedom ?

Ans – Maulana Abdul Kalam Ajad

Q. 7. Whose court did Charak belong to ?

Ans – Kanishka

Q. 8. Who had got the famous Khajuraho temple built ?

Ans – Chandel Kings

Q. 9. When did Jalianwalla Massacre take place ?

Ans – 13th of April 1919

Q. 10. Which crop was used by man in the beginning of human civilization ?

Ans – Barley ( जौं )

General Knowledge Questions on History of India – 1

Q. 11. Who is known as the father of Indian Civil Services ?

Ans – Charles Cornvallis

Q. 12. Who had founded भारत सेवक समाज ?

Ans – Gopal Krishan Gokhle

Q. 13. Who has written the book called ” The Indian War of Independence” ?

Ans – V.D. Savarkar

Q. 14. In which city Moti Musjid situated ?

Ans – Agra

Q. 15. Who had founded Khalsa Panth ?

Ans – Guru Govind Singh Ji

Q. 16. Who  had founded लाल कुर्ती दल ?

Ans – Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Q. 17. Between whom the Puna Pact took place ?

Ans – Gandhi and Ambedkar

Q. 18. Who was the Muslim Ruler who destroyed Nalanda University ?

Ans – Muhammed Bin Bakhtiyar

Q. 19. Who was the first Hindu to accept Deen-e- ilahi ?

Ans – Birbal

Q. 20. Who is known as the Prince of Pilgrims ?

Ans – Hyun-sang

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We shall update this post with more questions on Indian History. So keep coming.

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