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Uttar Pradesh popularly known as UP is one of the Northern States of India. The state is carrying India’s age long culture, tradition and history. World’s famous places and monuments ornate this state. You can see the world famous love Symbol Taj Mahal at Agra.

If you wish to visit the Ramayana era, Ayodhya welcomes you. Haridwar, Mathura, Varanasi take you to the world of spirituality, Mussoorie, the Queen of hills provides you the view of ethereal beauty. Besides you can view modern UP in Lucknow, Kanpur. UP General Knowledge Questions

In a way you cherish the glimpse of the medley of modern and old Worlds in UP. For students and examinees of various exams related with UP, it is necessary for them to know more deeply about Utter Pradesh.

There are a lot of questions related with UP and its history, culture, places etc in all the Recruitment/ Entrance Exams held by UPSSC, Police Recruitment Boards etc. Below are given some Important General Knowledge Questions which you can expect in your upcoming exams.

UP GK Questions –

Capital – Lucknow

High Court – Allahabad

Governor – Shri Ram Naik

CM and Deputy Chief Ministers – Yogi Adityanath took oath as the 21st UP CM on 19th March 2017. Along with him, there are two Deputy Chief Ministers namely KP Maurya and Dinesh Sharma. BJP has won 325 seats in the 2017 Legislative Election.

Speaker of UP Vidhan Sabha – Hriday Naryan Dikshit

Area – 2,43,286 sq km which is 6.88 % of the total area of the country.

Population of UP – 202.4 Million as per 2012 Records

Q. 1. When did UP come in to existence ?

Ans -On 1st April 1937 with the name of United Provinces.

Q. 2. When was UP rechristened ( renamed ) as Uttar Pradesh ?

Ans – In 1950

Q. 3. How many members of Lok Sabha does UP have ?

Ans – 80

Q. 4. How many members does UP send to Rajya Sabha ?

Ans – 30

Q. 5.  How many members of Legislative Assembly does UP have ?

Ans – 404

Q. 6.What is the official language of the state ?

Ans – Hindi

Q.7. How many states touch its boundary ?

Eight States. They are – Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh.

Q.8. When was Uttarakhand carved out of UP ?

Ans – On 9th of Nov 2000.

Q.9. How many districts are here in the state ?

Ans – 75

Q.10. How many cities and towns exist in UP ?

Ans -689

Q.11. Which chief crops are grown here ?

Sugarcane, Rice, Wheat, Cotton, Gram, Barley, Tea, Oil Seeds, Cotton

UP GK Updates/ Questions

Which minerals are found in UP ?

Ans – Limestone, Dolomite

Which Industries are situated in Uttar Pradesh ?

Hand-looms, Textiles, Sugar, Woolen

How many Central Varsities are situated in UP ?


Major Political Parties –

SP, BJP, BSP, Congress

In Which district is UP’s first University for Physically Challenged students situated ?


In which district of UP is Urdu Training and Research Centre situated ?


When did Sher Shah Suri took the reign of Uttar Pradesh ?

Ans – In 1540

Whom did Sher Shah Suri defeat in 1540 ?

Ans – Mughal King Humayun

UP General Knowledge/ Current Affairs

Who was Sher Shah’s son ?

Ans – Islam Shah

Who was Hemu ?

Ans – Islam’s Shah Prime Minister

Which title was bestowed on Hemu ?

Ans – Hemchandra Vikramaditya ( हेमचन्द्र विक्रमादित्य )

Which regiment did Mangal Pandey belong to ?

Ans – Bengal Regiment

Where was Mangal Pandey stationed ?

Ans- Meerut Cantonment

Who has been awarded Uttar Pradesh Ratna Award for 2015 ?

Ans – Frank Islam

Which city of UP does Frank Islam belong to ?

Ans – Azamgarh

About Frank Islam – He is an entrepreneur, investor and Philanthropist. He is the boss in FI Investment Group. He has also penned down two books – To Make America Work Again ( 2013), Renewing the American Dream : A Citizen’s Guide for Restoring our Competitive Advantage.

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Population of UP ( 2011 Census )

Total population of Uttar Pradesh – 19,95,81,477

What is the Increasing Rate ?

Ans – 20.09%

What is the Sex Ratio in UP ?

Ans – 908/1000

What is the Population Density of the state ?

Ans – 828 per sq km

Which district of UP organize the greatest nos of Fairs ?

Ans – Hamirpur

Which is the oldest University of UP ?

Ans – Allahabad University Allahabad

When did Urdu get the status of second language in Uttar Pradesh ?

Ans – In 1989

When did पंचायती राज प्रणाली come into being in UP ?

Ans – In 1959

In which year did the Backward Commission come in to existence in UP ?

Ans – In 1993

Q. What is the spot of UP as far as the area is concerned ?

Ans – 4th

Q. What was the capital of UP before 1920 ?

Ans – Allahabad

Q. Which regiment did Mangal Pandey belong to ?

Ans – Bengal Regiment

Q. What was the result of Second Anglo-Maratha war in 1803 ?

Ans – The East India Company defeated the Maratha Empire.

Q. When was United Province renamed as Uttar Pradesh ?

Ans – In 1950

Q. Under whose leadership in 1942, Ballia overthrew the Colonial Rule ?

Ans – Chittu Pandey

Q. Newly appointed DGP of UP ?

Ans – Mr Mukul Goel

Q. Who has been appointed the new Lokayukta of UP ?

Ans – Justice Virendra Singh

Q. Name the scheme which ensures the free delivery of LPG Gas Connections to the poor persons of the country ?

Ans – Ujjwala Yojana

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