PM’s Visit to Iran – Read Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s visit to Iran has a great strategical importance from India‘s point of view. There have been as many as 11 agreements signed between these two countries. Another country Afghanistan is also involved in some of the agreements.

So instead of bilateral issues, they can rightly be trilateral issues. In the words of renowned strategists, it can be called a Historical visit by Indian Prime Minister. One of the most important deals is regarding the Chabahar Port.

In the words of PM Modi,

It will strengthen our ability to stand against those whose only motto is to maim and kill innocents. The Chabahar port will provide Afghanistan a more friendly route to trade with the rest of the world

Strategic Importance of Chabahar Port –

  • The Chabahar Port shall open a transit route to Afghanistan and Central Asia for Indian Business. This route shall bypass Pakistan by providing Afghanistan an alternative port to Karachi. This deal shall also be able to check the dominance of China in the region.
  • India will invest dollar 200 million to develop terminals and cargo berths.
  • India shall also collaborate with the related countries in laying a 500 km railway line.
  • There have been agreements regarding security, checking on threats caused by terrorism, drug trafficking and cyber crime. All the three countries shared their concerns at the spread of terrorism, forces of instability and radicalism.
  • There have been agreements to enhance interaction between defence and security institutions on regional and maritime security of the two countries.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has also said,

Chabahar can become a big symbol of cooperation between India and Iran.

It was a two days’ visit of Indian Prime Minister to Iran. During his visit the Indian Prime Minister had also met Indian Diaspora, especially the people of Sikh Community which has been enjoying a good reputation there.

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