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If you are planning to take any of the exams in Rajasthan conducted by RPSC or other exam conducting agency, you will have to prepare General Knowledge of the state. Rajasthan GK and Current Affairs  is a staple part of any competitive exam in the state. Rajasthan General Knowledge Questions

So we shall let you know much about Rajasthan and its history, geography, culture, tradition, politics etc in this article. So enjoy Rajasthan General Knowledge.

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Learn General Knowledge Questions related with Rajasthan –

Rajasthan literally means the place of kings. This is India’s largest state in area. Read some useful information regarding Rajasthan from below –

When did Rajasthan come to being ?

Ans – 30th of March 1949

Capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur

Largest City of Rajasthan – Jaipur

How many districts are there in Rajasthan ?

Ans – 50

Who is the Governor of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Sh Kalraj Mishra

Who is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Mr. Bhajanlal Sharma

Who are the Deputy Chief Ministers of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Mrs. Diya Kumari and Mr. Prem Chand Bairwa

Type of Legislature –

Ans – Unicameral

How many seats are there in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly ?

Ans – 199

How many seats for Loksabha in Rajasthan ?

Ans – 25

What is the total area of Rajasthan ?

Ans – 342,229 Sq Km

Population of Rajasthan in 2015 ?

Ans – 73,529,325

Rajasthan GK and Current Affairs

Which desert is situated in Rajasthan ?

Ans – Thar Desert. It is also called Rajasthan Desert or Great Indian Desert

With which other Indian states, Rajasthan shares boundaries ?

Ans – Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the north-east, Punjab to the north, MP to the south-east, Gujarat to the south-west. total 5 states share their borders with Rajasthan

Which is Rajasthan’s only Hill Station ?

Ans – Mount Abu

In which hills is Mt Abu situated ?

Ans – Ancient Aravallis Mountain Range

What is Kalibanga famous for ?

Ans – Ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization

Which is a famous Jain pilgrimage in Rajasthan ?

Ans – Dilwara Temples

Which National Park is situated in Bharatpur Rajasthan ?

Ans – Keoladeo National Park

Where is Ranthambore National Park situated ?

Ans – Sawai Madhopur

Questions related with Rahasthan General Knowledge

Where is Sariska Tiger Reserve situated ?

Ans – Alwar

What are Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve famous for ?

Ans – Tigers

Where was the first mention of the name Rajasthan found ?

Ans – James Tod’s Publication called Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan or The Western and Central Rajpoot States of India published in 1829

What was the earlier name of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Rajputana

Who are believed to coin this word Rajputana ?

Ans – The English

When was the battle of Haldighati fought ?

Ans – In 1576 between Maharana Pratap and Akbar

Who is known as the Plato of Jat people ?

Ans – Maharaja Suraj Mal

Where and when was Hemu born ?

Ans – In Alwar District in 1501.

Where was Hemu killed ?

Ans – In the Second battle of Panipat.

Which city is known as the Gate-way of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Bharatpur

Learn Rajasthan GK and Current Affairs for the Competitive Exams

In which year the famous Chhapniya Femina struck Rajasthan ?

Ans – In Nineteen Fifty Six

What is the height of Guru Shikhar Peak ?

Ans – It is Seventeen Hundred and Twenty Two Metres

Which city is famous as the Sun City of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Jodhpur

Which is the largest city of Rajasthan as far as the area is concerned?

Ans – Jaisalmer

Where does the earliest record of Rajputana as a name for the region find its mention ?

Ans – George Thomas’s 1800 memoir Military Memories

Who are believed to be the Saka Rulers of the Western part of India ?

Ans – Western Kshatrapas

What was the capital of Matsya ?

Ans – Viratnagar

What is Viratnagar today known as ?

Ans – Bairat

Whom did the Bhils helped in the wars between Maharana Pratap and Mughals ?

Ans – Maharana Pratap

Which state is the second largest producer of oil seeds of India ?

Ans – Rajasthan

From where was the white marble for the Taj Mahal mined ?

Ans – Makrana Town

Which is the biggest wool-producing state of India ?

Ans – Rajasthan

Name the warrior of Mewar whose body had 80 injury marks ?

Ans- Rana Sanga ( Sangram Singh )

Which warrior of Mewar Had defeated Ibrahim Lodhi of  Delhi ?

Ans- Rana Sanga

Who has tabled in the Assembly the most controversial bill that seeks to protect public servants and judges from prosecution and bars the media from reporting on allegations against them without the prior sanctions.

Answer – The Criminal Laws Bill 2017 by Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria

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