UP Assembly Election Result 2017 and its impact on Indian Politics

Read Impact of UP Election Result on Indian Politics – An Opinion 

All eyes are on 11th of March to see one of the biggest Dangals of Indian Politics. The Results of five States Assembly Elections shall be announced. These states are – UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur. Out of them, the election of UP holds more significance as it may turn out to be table turner in Indian Politics.

All the major parties viz BJP, Congress, SP and BSP have their reputation and existence at stake. The election in one the biggest states of India had taken place for 403 seats in Seven Phases. The magic no which every party wishes to achieve is 202.UP Election Result 2017

It will make them able to form Govt in the state. As the election has successfully been held, people are quite busy in guessing the Election Result. Even the news channels have got their TRP wonderfully higher with the opinion poll surveys are on the air. They are predicting different results. First of all we must take a cursory look at the the outcome of the surveys produced by various agencies.

Examweb.in BJP + SP + Cong BSP
Times Now- VMR 190-210 110-130 57-74
ABP News – Lokniti 164-176 156-169 60-72
India TV – C Voter 155-167 135-147 81-93
India News – MRC 185 120 90

The opinion polls if taken true for the time being indicates the hung-assembly in the state. If it happens, it shall be a big jolt for the BJP. However, they are just opinion polls, not the results. The picture shall be clearer on 11th of March. Those results will decide whose Holi shall be more colorful.

All the parties had left no stone unturned in ensuring their victory in UP. BJP banked on PM Modi once again. Knowing the importance of UP in the central power, the PM had come to stay here almost permanently.

Road shows after road shows besides rallies show how serious he was regarding the election. He targeted his arch rival Rahul Gandhi with his familiar jibes. His another targets were Akhilesh and Mayawati. He criticized the UP govt for poor development, corruption and poor law and order. Modi also took the U-turn when he switched to graveyard politics from Development-for-all.

Two boys of UP shook hands to stop the BJP and prevent their own inevitable defeat. SP was staggering owing to the family feud-cum-drama. Uncle and father left Akhilesh in the lurch. So the hand came to control the balance of the cycle. The elephant remained alone with lonely Mayawati riding it. Opinions polls have made the elephants sit for a while. If the results don’t come in favor of BSP, the elephants will never stand up.

The donkeys enjoyed the election very much by occupying the center-stage. Parties also tried to polarize the voters by picking Burqa issue, temple issue etc. But these issues didn’t get much popularity this time.

The Result of UP Assembly elections will have a great repercussion. Nobody can deny its impact on Indian Politics. For the BJP, UP election may prove to be a litmus test. It will reflect the graph of Modi’s popularity, people’s support to his decisions regarding demonetization, GST etc. The BJP also needs UP win to have majority in the Upper House.

And also the result of this election will decide its fate in the upcoming 2019 General Elections. For the congress also, this election is more than an election. Rahul along with Akhilesh, whom the former had been criticizing for poor development and corruption a few months ago, was now holding road shows and meetings.What a change!

Once again it has proved that nobody is untouchable in politics. That’s why Akhilesh also in one of his Interviews on 9th of March 2017 has admitted to have no hesitation in forming govt with the help of BSP in case there is hung assembly in the state.

Mayawati’s reaction is yet to come. Coming to the point once again, the result may serve as Sanjavani for the congress which has lost grounds every where in the country. For SP, it shall be a bonus if it regains power and on Akhilesh’s part a befitting reply to his critics.

And for Mayawati and her party as we have already said poor result shall be the political death despite the fact that her staunch followers kept sticking to her in all circumstances.

So UP Election Result 2017 will certainly decide the fate of everybody – the parties and more than them, the people of the state. Let’s see which way the wind blows on 11th of March 2017.

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