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Uttarakhand a newly formed state is a Northern State of India. This state was born on 9th of November 2000 as the 27th State of India. The state is popularly known as Dev Bhumi which English Version is Land of the Gods.

There are many Hindu Religious Places in the state. Uttarakhand is bestowed by heavenly beauty by Nature. That’s why is one of the most famous Tourist hubs of the country. Nainital is a famous hill station.Uttarakhand GK and Current AffairPreparing General Knowledge Questions regarding Uttarakhand is the part of the preparation for the Various Recruitment Exams of UK ( Uttarakhand ). The candidates preparing for such exams must keep abreast themselves of the Current Affair and GK updates of the state. Check some of the most important General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions from below.

Uttarakhand General Knowledge Update –

What is the nickname of Uttarakhand?

Ans – Dev Bhumi

What is the capital of the state ?

Ans – Dehradun

What is the largest city of Uttarakhand ?

Ans – Dehradun

How many districts are there in UK ?

Ans – 13

Who is the Governor of the state ?

Ans – Krishan Kant Paul

Who is the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand ?

Ans – Trivendra Singh Rawat ( BJP). He took oath as the 9th CM of the state.

Q. How many seats did the BJP win in 2017 Assembly Election ?

Answer – 57 out of total 70.

What type of Legislature is there in UK ?

Ans – Unicameral

Updates regarding Uttarakhand General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Total Seats of Legislative Assembly –

Ans – 71

Lok Sabha Seats are – 05

How many candidates does Uttarakhand send to Rajya Sabha ?

Ans – 03

What is the total area of Uttarakhand ?

Ans – 53,483 Sq km

What is the rank of the state in the country as far as area is concerned ?

Ans – 19th

What is the total population of UK as per 2011 census ?

Ans – 10,116, 752 with 20th Rank in the country.

What is the literacy and Sex ratio in the state ?

Ans – 79.63 % ( 2011)

Sex ration is 963/1000 ( 2011)

What are the Official Languages of Uttarakhand ?

Ans – Hindi and Sanskrit

Name the Adjoining states –

Ans – UP, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.

Q. Name the 9th CM of UP ?

Answer – ND Tiwari

Q.  In which city was Tiwari elected as the MLA first time from Kashipur Assembly seat ?

Answer – 1963

Q. Who was the 3rd Chief Minister of Uttarakhand ?

Answer – Mr ND Tiwari

Q. When did the UK get the status of statehood ?

Answer – 9th of Nov 2000

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