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Himachal Pradesh is one of the Northern States of India. It’s name has been derived from two terms – Him + Achal which literally mean a Snow laden State. This is one of the most beautiful states of the country. Snow Capped tops of the mountains look more beautiful when the rays of the Sun fall on them. Hill Stations like Shimla, Dharamshala attract a large no of tourists towards them.

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge & Current Affairs

In this post, we are going to provide you some of the useful information about this Beautiful Hilly State. The Himachal Pradesh GK is very important for the candidates who are to sit in the Recruitment Exams and other competitive ones held by Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Board. Check some of the most important questions related with Himachal Pradesh

General Knowledge and Current Affairs of India

HP General Knowledge and Current Affairs Questions –

Q.1. When was Himachal Pradesh established?

Ans – 25th of Jan 1971

Q.2. What is the capital of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans – Shimla, 2nd Capital Dharamshala

Q. 3. What is the largest city of HP ?

Ans- Shimla

Q. 4. How many districts does Himachal Pradesh consist ?

Ans – 12

HP GK and Current and Current Affairs

Q. 5. Who is the Governor of the state ?

Ans – Shri Rajendran Vishwanath Arlekar New *

Q. 6. Who is the Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court ?

Ans – Justice Lingappa Narayana Swami ( 6th of Oct 2019 ). Read about all the Chief Justices of HP with full information from here

Q. 7. Who is the Chief Minister of HP ?

Ans – Mr. Sukhviner Singh Sukhu ( Congress ) Mr. Jai Ram Thakur ( Former C.M.)

Q. 8. What is the nature of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly ?

Ans – Unicameral

Q. 9. How many seats does Legislative Assembly have ?

Ans – 68

Q. 10. Seats in the Parliament from Himachal ?

Ans – 04

HP General Knowledge Important Questions

Q. 11. What is the total area of Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans – 55,673 Square Kms.

Q. 12. What is area-wise rank of HP in India ?

Ans – 17th Rank

Q. 13. What is the population of Himachal Pradesh as per 2011 census ?

Ans – 6,856,509.

Q. 14. In Population, HP’s India’s Rank ?

Ans – 20th

Q. 15. What are the official languages of HP ?

Ans – Hindi, Punjabi and English

Q. 16. What is the literacy in the state ?

Ans – 83.78 %

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Q. 17. When did famous Anglo-Gorkha war take place ?

Ans – 1814-16

Q. 18. When was Himachal declared as Union Territory ?

Ans – In 1956

Q. 19. By which act HP was made the State ?

Ans – By Himachal Pradesh Act 1971.

Q. 20. Who had given Himachal Pradesh this name ?

Ans – Acharya Diwakar Datt Sharma, a renowned Sanskrit Scholar of the state.

Q. 21. In economy, where does HP stand in India ?

And – Third Fastest Growing Economy.

Q. 22. In per capita income what the state’s rank in the country?

Ans – Fourth

Q. 23. What are the main sources of its economy ?

Ans – Hydroelectric, Tourism, Agriculture

Q. 24. When had Mahmud Ghajnavi conquered Kangra ?

Ans – At the beginning of the 10th Century

Q. 25. Who was the ruler of Kangra when Gorkhas captured it in 1806 ?

Ans – Sansar Chand Katoch

Q. 26. No of Highways that pass through HP ?

Ans – Fourteen

Q. 27. Where is the biggest Airport of the state is located ?

Ans – It is located at Gaggal

Q. 28. Where is the International Level Cricket Ground situated where 2016 India-Pakistan match had to be cancelled owing to the oppose of the Congress Party ?

Ans – Dharamshala

Q. 29. In Himachal Pradesh, which place is famous as the Land of Grapes ?

Ans – Ribba

Q. 30. National Agriculture Insurance Scheme Started in the year of –

Ans – 1999-2000

Q. 31. What is the largest Clean Development Project undertaking that has also helped in  improving the agricultural yields and productivity in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans – Himachal Pradesh Reforestation Project

Q. 32. How much money was allocated to HP during the 1st Five Years’ Plan ?

Ans – Rs 52.7  Million

Q. 33. What is the total length of Road Network in HP ?

Ans – 28,208 Kms

Q. 34. How many National Highways are situated in the state ?

Ans – Total 8 National Highways ( NH)

Q. 35. What is the total length of NH in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans – 1,234 Kms or 767 ml

Q. 36. No of State Highways and their length –

Ans – 19 State Highways and their length is 1,625 kms or 1010 ml.

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Check the Departments under Minister in HP Govt –

Sh Jai Ram Thakur – Chief Minister –

Departments – All the departments which are not allotted.

Mr. Mahender Singh – Irrigation and Public Health Minister

Departments – Horticulture / IT

Mr Vipin Sing Parmar – Health and Family Welfare Minister

Departments – Revenue, Law and Legal Remembrance Medical Education

Mr Rakesh Pathania – Forest Minister

Departments – Fisheries

Mr Bikram Singh – Industry Minister

Departments – Labour and Employment, Parliamentary Affairs, Information and Public Relation

Mr Sarveen Chaudhary – Urban Development Minister

Departments – Housing, Town and Country Planning

Mr Rajiv Saizal – Social Justice and Empowerment Minister

Departments – Sainik Welfare

Mr Virender Kanvar – Rural Development Minister

Departments – Panchayati Raj and Animal Husbandary

Some More Important Questions regarding Himachal Pradesh –

Q. 1. Which was the first state to organize Paragliding World Cup in India ?

Ans – Himachal Pradesh

Q. 2. When was the Paragliding World Cut Organized in the state ?

Ans – From 24-10-2015 to 31-10-2015

Q. 3. How much population of the state rely upon Agriculture Work ?

Ans – Around 93%

Q. 4 To which state is Nati, a folk dance related ?

Ans – Himachal Pradesh

Q. 5. Which town of HP got itself included in the Guinness Book of world record as far as  Nati Folk dance is concerned ?

Ans – Kullu

Q. 6 How many people participated in this dance and when was the Record made ?

Ans – Around 20,000 and the record was made on 26th of October 2015

Q. 7. Name the scheme launched to empower women in the state ?


Q. 8. First Indian State of launch Rotavirus Vaccination Project ?

Ans – Himachal

Q. 9. Which constituency of Himachal has become first e-assembly of India ?

Answer – Palampur Assembly

Q. 10. What is the rank of HP in the country in Open Defecation Free States ?

Answer – 2nd

Q. 11. On which date did CM Virbhadra Singh declare Dharamshala as the 2nd capital of the state ?

Answer – On 19th Jan 2017

Q. 12 Who is the New DGP of HP ?

Answer – Somesh Goyal

Q. 13 When did HP celebrate the 72nd Himachal Day in 2019 ?

Answer – 15th of April 2019

Q. 14 Which movement is the HP govt starting from Dussehra 2019 ?

Ans – Super 111 Abhiyan ( from 4th of Oct 2019 to 25th of Jan 2020 )

We shall provide you more questions in our next update. So keep visiting us for HP GK and Current Affairs. If you have some important questions related with HP in you mind, you can share them in the comment box given. We shall also include them in this post. Thanks.

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