HP General Knowledge & Current Affairs – Paper 1

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge and Current Affairs Paper 1 shall be very important for the Examinees who are to take Recruitment Exams under HPSSC and other Departments. The GK portion is very vast and Current Affairs needs regular updates. So it is very necessary to do as many Practice Sets as possible. We have already prepared an article on Himachal Pradesh GK and Current Affairs and also on HP Geography. You can read them by clicking on the relevant links.

HP GK and Current Affairs Practice Set – 1

Q. 1. Name the place where ONGC has found the big source of Natural Gas –

Q. 2. In corruption free states, what is the rank of Himachal Pradesh in the country ?

Q. 3. When was the state of Bilaspur merged with HP ?

Q. 4. When did HP become the Union Territory ?

Q. 5. When did HP as a state come in to being ?

HP GK and Current Affairs Practice Paper – 1 With Answer key

Q. 6. What was the no of Himachal Pradesh as a state of India ?

Q. 7. What is the highest peak of Himachal Pradesh ?

Q. 8. What is the height of the highest peak of the state ?

Q. 9. What is it that composes the Drainage System of HP ?

Q. 10. How many seasons are there in Himachal Pradesh ?

Q. 11. At what height the snowfall takes place in HP ?

Q. 12. Which country is known as the fruit bowl of country ?

Answers – 1. Jwalamukhi 2. Second least corrupt state 3. 1st April 1954 by the Himachal Pradesh and Bilaspur Act 1954 4. 1st of Nov 1956 5. 25th of January 1971 6. It was the 18th state of India 7. Reo Purgyil  8. 6,816 m 9. Both Glaciers and rivers 10. Broadly there are three seasons namely summer, winter and rainy seasons 11. above 2,200 m 12. Himachal Pradesh

For more Practice Sets related with Himachal Pradesh GK and Current Affairs, you are welcome here. We shall publish some more sample papers for the help of students later. So keep in touch.

If you find any error in any of the questions, please don’t hesitate to tell us about the same via comment box below.

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  1. Shilla (7026 mtr.) is the highest peak of Himachal Pradesh.

  2. Bilaspur merged with H.P on 1 july 1954

  3. Yes Shilla is the highest peak.

    • Shilla is highest peak of Himachal

  4. Himachal became Union territory in 1956 and your answer is 1966. Pls make a check

    • Yes, we have corrected that. Thanks.

  5. Shilla is highest pick of HP 7026 m why r u saying Reo Purgyil is highest pick they r 6816m

    • true

    • Shilla is the highest peak of h.p


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