Stephen Hawking - Information in Question Answer Form

The greatest physicist of his era, Stephen has been a great source of inspiration /motivation for millions of people for those whose life has just begun. He has taught that physical / mental hurdles are nothing if a person has determination. Despite his being suffered from a big disease, he gave big to human life. This post is carrying a bit of information about Stephen Hawking. Read it below -

Life term of Stephen Hawking -

Date of Birth - 8th of Jan 1942 ( Oxford )

Last day of Life - March 14, 2018 ( Cambridge )

What was the Alma Mater of Hawking ?

Answer - Graduation - University of Oxford

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Post Graduation and PhD - University of Cambridge

Q. What are the movies on Hawking ?

Answer - Beyond the Horizon, Fate of the Universe, Hawking, A Brief History of Time

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Q. Name the thesis prepared by the scientist ?

Answer - Properties of Expanding Universe

Q. What were the fields of science of Stephens Hawking ?

Answer - General Relativity, Quantum Gravity

Q. Whom did he marry ?

Main Information about Stephen Hawking - Important Questions

Answer - Jane Wilde ( 14th July 1962 )

Q. Which disease was Stephen Hawking suffer from ?

Answer - motor neuron disease

Q. Which political party of England did he support ?

Answer - Labour Party

Q. Which book of his talked about God's no presence in the Universe ?

Answer - Brief Answers to Brief Questions ( posthumous book )

Q. To whom was the Black Hole Discovery dedicated ?

Answer - Stephen Hawking

Q. Name some awards received by him ?

Answer - Presidential Medal of Freedom, Copley Medal etc.

Q. How many honorary degrees did he receive ?

Answer - 13

Q. When was diagnosed about his illness ?

Answer - In 1963\

Q. When did he get the Wolf Foundation Prize ?

Answer - 1988

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